So many questions about Canadian professional bodybuilder Chris Bumstead and his sister Melissa Bumstead arrest. In his article, we will try to cover your every doubt. Yes, the news of Melissa and Chris got arrested is authentic. Both of them were under police custody with the allegation of drug trafficking. You might be well aware of Chris Bumstead who is a very popular Mr. Olympia classic physique winning IFBB professional bodybuilder. He has a huge fan following on his social media spaces like Instagram. But many on the internet believe that his body physique is not genuine instead he was dependent on asteroids for the same.

Chris Bumstead

Who is Chris Bumstead? 

Chris Bumstead is a professional IFBB bodybuilder. He was born on February 2, 1995, and belongs from Canada. He was well remembered for begging Mr. Olympia classic physique two times in 2019 and 2020. His sister Melissa was also a bodybuilder with an amazing physique. They both often become a matter of discussion due to the rumours that they use astroids. But as per the recent reports, Melissa got astroids on September 10 and got arrested under  CBS12.

According to one source, Chris Bumstead is in an active relationship with Courtney King, who is a YouTuber of post-workout motivation videos on her channel. Chris is active on Instagram with 3.5 million followers with the name @cbum. He was very popular among his fan following for his outstanding physique.


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Melissa is also an Instagram influencer with around 103K  followers on the platform.


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One wrote on reddit “Yooooo that’s buckwild. Didn’t expect this at all. Like what agency really does this with all the roids and narcotics being mailed by the second, every day? That’s fucked, she’s gonna go crazy if she stays and loses her gains.”

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Chris Bumstead & Melissa Bumstead Arrested

The news of Chris Bumstead being Arrested is surfacing on the internet for the past few hours. And this makes everyone shocked. As per the reports confirmed by some sources, he was arrested for taking astroids to maintain his physique which is a crime as per the country guidelines.

When the Canadian police got to know about the matter, they immediately took action. Chris is not only one who was alleged with this but his sister Melissa also. The image of Melissa is deeply harmed by this incident. So many on the internet show anger and shocking expression on the news. for them, Melissa is their ideal for fitness, but they never know she will touch this low by importing astroids.

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