Breaking news confirming the arrest of Dan Lesin, a Billionaire young boy of 24 years. He was a well-known YouTuber and Ferrari collector. you can find plenty of his videos on youtube where he shows his collections. His detention by the local police has just been confirmed by multiple sources on the internet.

He was charged under the fraud allegations due to which his immediate detention was made. His fan following on the internet is really surprised by the news. People are commenting and trying to know more about his arrest in detail. In this blog, we will explain the information available in the public domain regarding the charges, his arrest, and more. 

Dan Lesin arrested

Who is Dan Lesin? 

Dan is 24 years old Youtuber and well popular for his exotic car collections. He was much time classifies as the Billionaire. Not much about his personal background is known to the public domain. Details like his girlfriend, family member, net worth, income, etc remain undisclosed. All the shows are just his exotics car and collections to the public. During the period time with his youtube content, Dan has gained massive popularity and a fan following on the internet. He has thousands of people who watch his videos. You can see his every video crosses thousands of views and got a hundred comments from the general public. 

Dan Lesin Arrested

The reason behind Dan Lesin Arrest was claimed to be fraud charges. He was arrested on 1 June by FBI on the charges of misleading and fraud. Although not much about his arrest is known in the public domain. We are consistently searching for more details and will update you further on this. One wrote reacting to Dan’s arrest “I remember this guy always coming to local car shows with all these new top-of-the-line super cars and never understood how that kid did it. Kinda makes sense now”

Another said “Always suspected something was up. Knew his full name and learned he got involved in sketchy Russian things a few years ago. I and a friend always thought karma would catch up…well…now it has. Just because someone drives an exotic car doesn’t mean they can afford it 😉 True in this case”

Allegations and Charges

Dan Lesin arrest can be seen in the video shooted by his friend. In the video, one can see the officer taking him towards the police cab. The video got viral shortly after its release on the internet. Many commented asking about the reason behind his arrest. We are waiting for further confirmation from the official source. Once we have more data on this we will clear all your doubts. 

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