Another Bad news just hit the laptop screen of our team. We are saddened to announce that popular Mentor & Professor Angelo Codevilla has confirmed Dead on 21st September 2021. His Death news is surfing on all over the internet. Especially Social media is flooded with tributes and heartbroken write-up. May the soul of Angelo Codevilla Rest in Peace. We will talk more about his Death later on this Blog.

Who is Angelo Codevilla?

By profession, Angelo Codevilla whose real name is Angelo m. Codevilla was an Italian-US Professor at Pardee School of Global Studies of Boston University. He is quite popular for his books and write-up on politics to war and defense. Even he was one of the powerful analysts of American Politics and social trends. In 2009 he predicted the eventually America will be led by Republicans.

Angelo Codevilla

In addition to all this, His Wikipedia Page disclosed that he also served in the US Navy as an officer, a Foreign Service Officer, and a member of professional staff for the Select Committee on Intelligence of US Senates.  He was also a Professor at Georgetown University teaching Political Philosophy.

This is really heartbroken to accept that we lost such a legendary personality who did such significant things for the growth of our nation.

If we talk about his marital status then sources claim that he is married and his wife’s name is Ann Marie Blaesser. Codevilla was originally born in  Voghera, a city near Milan in Italy. He is the son of Angelo and  Serena Codevilla. You can get all about his early life on his Wikipedia page.

One Twitter User Wrote:

“I am saddened by news of the death of Angelo Codevilla. I was his research assistant in 1989 and he kindly shared his advice with me a mentor on and off over the years. May his soul rest in peace.”


Another Said: Nandi Nyembe Died

“Not easy to agree with on all things. But many direct resonate lines. “But in the new regime, commitments are made without serious question because there is no real expectation of meeting them…” “All of this is to say that regimes have consequences.” RIP, Angelo Codevilla”

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Angelo Codevilla Death

Death of Philosopher Angelo Codevilla is confirmed on 21st September 2021. At the age of 78 years, he died and left this world leaving hundreds of his heartbroken students behind. His actual Cause of Death is not yet discovered by our team but we will surely do it very soon.

Claremont Institute Official Facebook Page Wrote:

“It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that our beloved friend, mentor, and senior fellow Angelo Codevilla passed away last night. We’ve lost another great soul at a time when we’re most needful of his wisdom and guidance. R.I.P.”

One Friend of Angelo Codevilla wrote on Facebook:

“Angelo Codevilla has died. I had the honor and privilege of working with Angelo, over many years, when I was Director of Educational Programs and then Vice President at the Claremont Institute.

His career was as bright and great as it was controversial. He never shied away from going toe-to-toe against the most powerful people in the world when they were in error.
These are dark days for the cause of freedom in America. With Angelo’s passing, it is now even darker.
He taught a generation of thinking minds how to think strategically about grand strategic matters. America owes a debt to Angelo that can only be paid by living as free, self-governing, responsible citizens.
Rest In Peace, my friend.”

How did he Die?

Angelo Codevilla actual cause of death is not yet released by any official sources. Even some sources claim that Angelo Codevilla not even died. But most of the sources are confirming that Angelo Codevilla is dead and no more with us. We will update the cause of death update very soon on this blog. 

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