Derrick J Wyatt was a famous artist of famous cartoons like transformers. derrick j wyatt recently passed away at the age of 49:

Famous Artist personality derrick j wyatt has recently passed away. His death news is been circulating on Social media like fire making people heartbroken. He was gains popularity as a Transformer artist. Sources confirmed that popular artist Derrick J Wyatt died at the age of 49 and yes he died at a very young age. We will look at his cause of death in the article below.

derrick j wyatt

Who was Derrick J Wyatt?

Derrick J Wyatt was a talented and dedicated artist who demonstrated to many people that anyone could make a good living by doing something they enjoy. His sudden demise news brokes the internet especially Twitter hard. A flood of Tributes and RIP comments has come. People were truly heartbroken and upset by losing a legendary inspiring artist. He was born on  August 10, 1972. He is a Paw Paw, Michigan-based artist and character creator. 

One User wrote:

“After hearing the news that Derrick J. Wyatt, the guy who did the character designs for Transformers Animated passed away this year, I think I need a break from Twitter for a bit to clear my head.”

Derrick J Wyatt Death

At the age of 49, Derrick J Wyatt left this world. Although his cause of death is still unknown and out of clue. We don’t even have any update on his health. His family has not released his official obituary too but it will available soon. 

transformers animated derrick j wyatt

derrick j wyatt served as art director, primary character designer, and color stylist on Cartoon Network’s Transformers Animated. We don’t have any information regarding this married life. As he keep most of his life private and hidden from the spotlight. Besides transformers, derrick j wyatt also work in Ben 10 and many other projects demonstrated his talent and dedication to all he did. Derrick J Wyatt was a big part of our childhood. 

Sources claim that Derrick J Wyatt has a net worth of around $17 million. His well-known talent on Ben 10: Omniverse, Son of the Mask, and Scooby-Doo!. He was a favorite artist of youngsters because of his amazing cartoons. 

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