Recently we lost another Activist named ‘Erin Gilmer’ at the small age of 38. She is a famous personality who did many great works and has thousands of followers for her beautiful work. By profession, Erin Gilmer is a lawyer and incapacity rights activist who fought for medical privateness, decrease drug costs, and an extra compassionate well being care system as she confronted a cascade of diseases that left her unable to work and even get off the bed for lengthy stretches, died on July 7 in Centennial, Colo. She was 38.

We are really upset from the news of ‘Disability Rights Activist’ Erin Gilmer Death, as she was a beautiful personality and a kind-hearted woman.

Erin Gilmer

Erin Gilmer Cause of Death Suicide Reason

Anne Marie Mercurio, a friend whom Gilmer had given power of attorney, revealed that Erin Gilmer’s cause of death was suicide. This is really shocking for everyone who knows Erin Gilmer, especially for her family, friends, and relatives. She was a brave girl who fights for justice and the suicide step she has taken is unbelievable. May her soul rest in peace.

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Erin Gilmer Wikipedia

Interesting Facts about her are that Erin Gilmer lived with Type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac disease, carpal tunnel, depression, neuropathy, and a string of other chronic health problems. She fought for medical privacy, lower drug prices, and a more compassionate health care system. As a result of Lacking the financial resources to get good healthcare, Erin became despondent about her failing health. Her story is really heart-melting, may god gives strength to her family to face this difficult hard time without Erin.

Erin Gilmer Obituary

Erin Gilmer’s obituary came as a shock to many. Gilmer died after she tragically ended her life on Thursday, July 8, 2021, but her family has not released any statement on her passing just yet. Through her work, she had made thousands of followers on her social media profiles but still, she was alone from inside due to which she ended her life and left all of us.

In the days before her death, Gilmer wrote honestly about her health problems, her posts reflecting a growing sense of finality.

“I wish I could describe how bad the pain is, but nothing seems adequate. I keep thinking it can’t possibly get worse, but somehow every day is worse than the last. This pain is more than anything I’ve endured before, and I’ve already been through too much. Yet because it’s not simply identified, no one believes it’s as bad as it is. This is not survivable,” Gilmer tweeted days before her death.

According to fellow patient advocate Terri Lewis, Erin was labeled by doctors as a complex patient with mental health issues. “Like so many others, Erin’s life was squandered. The loss of her unique talents, capacity, and learning is just unbelievable to me,” Lewis said.

She added: “I am angry that we find it acceptable to foster a system of siloed ‘healthcare’ that continues to reward marginalization and abandonment of persons with chronic multiple comorbidities. The death of Erin and so many like her was predictable, a matter of time in a system perfectly designed to fail chronic care needs. This was no error. The system is working as it is designed.”

On the death of Erin, The New York Times wrote on Twitter: “Erin Gilmer, a lawyer and disability rights activist who fought for medical privacy, lower drug prices and a more compassionate health care system as she confronted a cascade of illnesses that left her unable to work or get out of bed, has died at 38.”

Another Wrote:”#ErinGilmer was an accomplice. Not once did I have to check her on privilege, race or how she treated people. She did the right thing, she did it quietly & she didn’t ask for cookies.”

One User Said: “I had never heard of Erin Gilmer until I read her obituary today. I should have heard of her. She was a devoted advocate for the disabled and for medical reform. She spent most of her life not far from where I live. She was active in many circles close to my heart. #ErinGilmer



A Hashtag of Erin starts becoming trending on Twitter and people are continuously showing their pain and condolence on the death of Erin Gilmer. Her Death was shocking and upsetting news for everyone on the planet and we will never forget such a brave girl.

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