Through social media sources, our team has just found that another legendary personality has left this world at a very young age. DJ Leslie Perez Death is nowadays becoming a trending topic of social media. Everywhere on the internet, people were talking about him. His Death becomes a cause of a RIP flood comes on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. Be on the blog to get all about who is Who is DJ Leslie Perez? and how did he die?

Who was DJ Leslie Perez?

Leslie Perez is popularly known as DJ Leslie Perez who was a famous radio DJ by profession. He was a great personality who lives his life to the fullest. His friends, family, and relatives really loved him. Even his radio mixes were also very popular. His passion for music makes him popular in his location. His Facebook feed is full of condolence and tribute paid by his supporter, friends, and relatives. people were upset and in deep sorrow because of losing a legendary friend, son, father, family member, and relatives.

dj lp

Leslie Perez belongs from Pittsburg, United States. In honor of his passion, he once said

“Mixing was always a thing for me. I would wake up early in the morning to practice and when I would get home from school I would keep mixing. I started to reach out to Jazzy Jim who was the mix show coordinator at the time. I kept giving him mixtapes until one day he called me and said he was putting me on at 7:30 at night as a guest DJ. That led me to a 4 am slot; I didn’t care what time I was given all I wanted was to be mixing on the air. Then eventually, I got to mix the midnight slot. In 2008 LP made the switch from 94.9 to 997Now. Where his legacy still continues to grow. “

This shows that he was a true devotee of his work and this makes him a great DJ who will be missed by thousands of people. His all songs mixes are available on mixcloud.

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Leslie Perez Death

On all over social media especially on Facebook, people were writing long paragraphs in honor of the late Leslie Perez. losing such a beautiful-hearted personality gives heartbroken pain. His sudden death is shocking heartbroken news on the internet today. More than a thousand people were paying tribute and passing condolences to the family of the deceased.

One of his Realtives has created Gofundme account for supporting his family. 

Here some wrotes of public on social media:

One Facebook User Said “Am in lost of words and still in shock. To hear My dear friend Leslie Djlp Perez has pass away.please keep his family in prayer. Any donations Big or small is very appreciative. Thank you. Much love. R.I.P 🌹 Leslie Perez 🙏

One DJ LP Friend wrote “So sad to hear this news, Leslie Djlp Perez was a good dude and definitely a DJ legend. My deepest condolences and prayers go out to his family and loved ones. Till we meet again bro 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Another user said “Saddened and shocked about this news. We lost Leslie Djlp Perez today. Talented, passionate and always hustling. So many friends on the radio crossed paths with him and we are better for it. His family could use some help now so please give if you can.”

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One Supporter of DjLp said

“The news shocked me when I heard earlier and I’m incredibly sad . Over my 22 years of DJing, listening to Leslie on the radio and having the honor of spinning with him at the clubs will be cherished memories. After my stuff was stolen in June, Leslie was one of the DJs that actually took the time to reach out and call me to see if I was ok and offered to help. I can’t express how much that meant to me. You will be missed.RIP Leslie Djlp Perez .”

DJ LP Cause of Death

Many legendary people have left this world in this year due to many causes like covid, health issue and more. and now DJ Lp join this list. Currently, our team is working on finding the DJ lp cause of Death but nothing is found yet. But we will surely update this blog with latest information soon.

One Beautiful messages written by One of dj lp friend:

“I am still in disbelief. You are gone Leslie Djlp Perez while so many people still need you. This is for you my Brother. You brought so many good memories with your positive vibes, humbleness, kindness.. mixing skills and knowledge. Thank you for everything🙏🏼

Thank you Donald Sainz for the awesome video.❤️

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