Dr Betts Illinois is recently got viral on Social media. sources claim Dr. Peter Betts is rumored to have shot and murdered his wife.

Social Media is flooded with the rumors of Dr. Betts Illinois who is a popular pediatrician shot and murdered her wife.  The information is all over the internet. People are talking about it as he is a very respected and renowned doctor of the united kingdom. We will discover more about his personal and professional and also clear all your doubts related to the rumors.

We will also focus light on the subjects like Dr. Michael Butts Oklahoma, Did Dr Betts Decatur il killed wife, etc. 

Who Is Dr Betts Illinois ?

He was a professional pediatrician based in the united kingdom and worked in the field for so many years. Betts was 76 years old at the time of his death as born in 1945. He completed his training in Birmingham later he joined  Southampton and Winchester as a consultant. 


Who is Dr Betts Illinois Wife?

Dr. Betts Wife is Elizabeth Betts.  We do not have any personal information about her so far. Our team is garnering more facts related to her personal life to bring more clarity. She was rumored to be shot dead by her husband. Due to which many are asking on different social media platforms Is Dr. Betts wife murdered. We will talk discuss this later in this blog so keep reading. 

Decatur Il Doctor Shot Wife

There are so many rumors surfacing on the internet claiming Decatur Il Doctor Shot Wife. But for your kind information, there are no authentic base behinds this gossips. We do not have much information on Carol Betts Decatur il. 

PIER Network said hearing the death news “Kicking off with a powerful minutes silence to remember colleagues we have lost, in the memorandum of Dr. Peter Betts who sadly passed away yesterday evening.

We’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with such incredible colleagues.”

Dr. Betts was found dead in his garden on October 14th, 2019. The sources confirmed that he died possibly to due a suicide attempt.  There are some minor wounds on his body when the investigation took place at that time. But not much about the same unveil by the authority so far. 

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