Dre Hughes Viral video on Facebook is trending all over the world. People were curious to know about Dre Hughes and his wife. 

A person named Dre Hughes is recently gone viral on Social media platforms especially Facebook for his Girlfriend abuse video. However, the video is posted on Facebook on November, 27 and the video is now achieved hundreds of thousands of views from the netizens. People were really enjoying the video on social media. In the video, the couple was continuously arguing with each other. We will learn more about the guy and his video in the article later.

Dre Hughes

Who is Dre Hughes?

Dre Hughes is a guy from Flint, Michigan who got recently famous for uploading a 2-minute video on Social media in which he is abusing his girlfriend. According to his Facebook bio, he went to Southwestern Classical Academy. His video got viral on social and media and gained thousands of views. People were making memes and fun it. Very little information about Dre is available yet. People were continuously sharing the video and enjoying the heated moment of the couple. We are working on collecting more information about Dre and surely will find something.

Dre Hughes Facebook

Dre Hughes facebook is another recently viral term on the internet. When his video got viral on Social media, people were curious to find the Facebook account of Dre Hughes. Although he was a normal guy that’s why his Wikipedia is not available on the internet but our team has found his Facebook account where he uploaded his video. in the video, you can see him abusing her girlfriend. His Facebook account is here. Hundreds of funny comments were posted by watchers on his Facebook accounts.



Dre Hughes Video Explained

Dre Hughes got thousands of reactions and popularity from the netizens in a very short time of uploading. on Every social media platform especially on Facebook, Dre Hughes is in trend.

One Twitter User wrote:

This is Dre Hughes…a man constantly getting abused by his partner ON CAMERA. But he can’t do anything back bc he is a man and he can’t leave bc she will keep the kids away from him. Why is nobody hearing or talking about this? Bc the roles aren’t reversed.

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Another Said:

It’s Dre Hughes, all his lives on theee he literally be going live on purpose that’s why she beat on him because he break into her house and go live when she ask him to leave. She wrong fasho be he ain’t no victim.


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