A new viral video on the world’s popular short video sharing platform Tiktok has been creating buzz everywhere. The viral clip Dudul Kucing TikTok Meme is circualeed all over the internet. People are sharing and making the meme material out of the video.

The Tiktok video has already been seen thousands of times and received huge popularity from the general public. We will share some more unknown facts about the video so make sure you stay with us till the end to explore Gambar Dudul. 

What is Dudul Kucing?

A viral clip of a dancing cute cat getting social media attention recently. In the viral clip with the name Dudul Kucing a kitty can be seen standing on her feet.



The amusing video has already won thousands of hearts the viewers. In this new trend, numerous tiktoker have participated by sharing the clip on their accounts. which further ignited the fire. Not much about the viral clip and its origin is known to us at the moment due to lack of information.

One wrote reacting to the foto duduk kucing tiktok “does anyone have a cat meme like this old one?? if there is, let’s all reply using this ht: STAY WITH THE SECRET NUMBER”

Dudul Kucing TikTok Meme

Already plenty of memes have been created on Dudul Kucing  TikTok. You can find the same on different social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, etc. In most of the memes, you can see a kitten image standing on feet. As of now, we can’t confirm the originator of the meme. Our team is working hard to collect more data. 


One said on the twitter “why is there a cat whose name is Dudul, I don’t know so it hasn’t gone viral”

foto duduk kucing tiktok

As per some rumors, the viral clip of the standing cat was named Dudul. The video of the Dudul got viral shortly after it was posted by the owner. Shane said “At first there was a cat that wasn’t a cat that I brought up, the original name wasn’t dudul, then someone named it Dudul… so the way sticker finally went viral, but the viral one was named Dudul, so the papercraft went viral”

The viral papercraft of the cat can be seen on multiple platforms. The meme creators are using the same to make hilarious meme material out of the same. 


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