Eladio Carrion, a recently famous name on the internet for some private reason. According to the sources, some kind of his private video got leaked online because of which people were looking for more info about him. If you are here on DeathMilitia.com for the exact same reason, then keep continuing your reading and we will transfer your doubts to answers. Eladio Carrion was belong from the United States as he was born there and his father was a member of the navy who was frequently stationed in different locations.

Eladio Carrion

Later, Eladio carrion went to Puerto Rico at the age of 11 years. He always has a massive interest in gaming activities like swimming, and he represented Puerto Rico at the 2010 Central American and Caribbean Games1 and the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, where he competed in the 200-meter freestyle. He was amazing in his education and playing in his school.

Eladio Carrion leaked

Eladio Carrion Video Pack Leaked On Twitter And Reddit And Telegram

The popular Artist, model and social media influencer is again trending after his leaked tape video. His Instagram and other social media platforms have a decent number of followers as he is one great Internet celebrity with huge fan base. His is a symbol for many youngsters for their career start. In 2015, he collaborated with Flowsito to release his first musical composition, “22.” He then released his second musical composition, “I Don’t Want Any More New Friends,” which was produced by Rawenz, and became well-known in the music industry as a result.


Currently, Eladio Carrion’s leaked video tape is in huge searches as the video contains inappropriate clips of him. But it seems that the video is already been deleted from the internet and people were just wasting their time in searching for the video. 

The late-night smash “Subelo,” which he co-wrote with Jon Z and Argentine rapper Neo Pistea, was released in 2016, and he collaborated with Rawenz on the single “Site vas, vete” the following year. 

Eladio Carrion leaked

Eladio Carrion Video Tape 

In 2018, he collaborated with El Nene Amenazzy on the single “Dame una hora,” which was a hit with “Mi Cubana,” which was released by Rimas Music and Mueva Records, leading him to remix with Cazzu, Khea, and Ecko, and « Keep Dancing for Me» with Myke Towers, Darkiel, Bray, and Yann C. In 2019, he collaborated with El Nene Amenazzy on the single ”

Eladio Carrion leaked

In 2019, he collaborated with musicians such as Rauw Alejandro on “Dice que no,” “Periódico de Ayer” by ejo on “Se moja,” Noriel on “Se moja,” and his most important collaboration was with the Spanish rapper Maikel Delacalle on “Si te Queras.” Collaboration» His first nomination for a Music Award came the next year, after numerous collaborations, when he was nominated for the New Urban Generation Youth Award, which was his first nomination overall.

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