A sticker is trending everywhere on the social media platforms saying Ernest Olkowski was right. There are lots of people who are unaware of the person Ernest and what he said which comes true. Those who are not aware and know nothing about him are not baffled and trying to explore. They are searching for him on google and social media platforms. It would not be wrong to say that the short video-sharing app Tiktok has massive influencers and from where Ernest’s sticker started gaining attention. Keep reading if you want to dig out about the Ernest Olkowski countdown.

Who is Ernest Olkowski?

Ernest Olkowski was right Don’t do it was a sticker that started to see on social media platforms in 2017. It all started from the Facebook post where it was first published. Later on, eventually started making more diverse and expanded on the different social platforms. But no one actually knows who this person Ernest Olkowski is but his name is thousands of mouths. A lot of people asked about him on the social media platforms but in return find nothing as no one has any clue. 


Ernest Olkowski was right

Kinky_Matthew wrote “Ant that time: 2017 polish writer publication post on his Facebook page with stickerst that was saying “Ernest Olkowski was right. Don’t do it”. He is writing books about criminology so I’m suspicious. I keep you update if this writer will answer me, I was writing to him today” 

The sticker of Ernest Olkowski was right and was seen in different places by thousands of individuals. When out of curiosity they searched about it then they found out that they are not the only ones who have seen these kinds of stickers. there are lots of people who went through the same.  


Ernest olkowski countdown explain

Apart from the baffling stickers everywhere, people are also wondering what Ernest Olkowski countdown is. “The good thing about getting old is that you see this “Ernest Olkowski was right” stories and you don’t get into digging around to find out what it’s all about,”  said Ariel de Oliveira. 

“I’ve searched a few in different cities of the world. There are stickers with the words “Ernest Olkowski was right” in different cities of the world, they have been talked about on Reddit and Quora, and there is even a website and it’s counting down. I think it’s over on March 8, 2023″. Sources revealed that the countdown will end on March 8, 2023. This further increase the curiosity of the people about what is gonna happen on that day. All we have is just doubts and more doubts with no clear information. We will continue to update you further on this so make sure you follow our website. 

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