Andrew Hutchinson from Fort Thomas is a criminal who was recently making news headlines. Recently the Kenton County SWAT team took the charge to detain Andrew who has so many weapons ready with him at the moment. A full team packed with high weapons was sent to the location to take down him. There is a full struggle happened between the two sides.

Their neighbor Andrew confirmed that they heard lots of gun firing sounds in his building. After all this scene people started searching for him.  The recent searches skyrocketed with the period of time. Internet netizens are also curious to explore more. Keep reading if you to learn more about Andrew Hutchinson from Fort Thomas.

Who is Andrew Hutchinson from Fort Thomas?

Andrew Hutchinson is a wanted criminal from Fort Thomas. Not much about him is known in the public domain. Information like his age, Wikipedia, background, and family. Andrew has kept his private information secret on social media platforms as well. We found nothing useful on the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit. Some leads confirm that he was 36 years old. 

Hutchinson recently got detained by the Kenton County SWAT, a well-trained team of people equipped with all the necessary weapons. The team was sent to his building to take the situation under control by taking Andrew down. Although whatever happened at the site remains secret at the moment.  Officer did not reveal anything in this context so far. From some leads, it was confirmed that the people who live around the Hutchinson building hearn the many guns firing. 

Andrew Hutchinson Arrested 

When the SWAT member reached the building of the Andre they find the gate locked. As he has locked himself up and prevented any to enter. SWAT member did their best to make him give up on the situation. The situation is complicated at the moment because Andrew Hutchinson has weapons. But later on, police arrested him without any life loss. Our team will keep you updated with further news and updates in this regard. 

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