A well-known Evangelist of Christian faith and efficient public speaker Wade Morris has passed away due to covid 19 infection. The news of his death is recently confirmed. The death was confirmed on 3 august on Tuesday morning. In his life, he interacts with a lot of youth and spread the knowledge of Christianity among them. Every year he arranged thousands of conferences in which he spread his knowledge and persuade others to join. On social media, so many people mourn the death news of Wade Morris. Read till the end to know about Wade Morris Death, rev Wade Morris, Wade Morris Pastor, Death Cause, Age, Wikipedia, Obituary, Net worth, Wife, Twitter, Instagram.

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Wade Morris Death

We are extremely stunned by the heartbreaking news of Wade Morris’s death. He was 51 years old when he succumbed to the battle with covid 19. All over the internet people mourning and sharing tributes with family members. “Sadden to hear that Wade Morris last night went to be with the Lord. I can only imagine the people in heaven saying thank you to him for sharing the gospel with them as he arrived!! Pray with me for his family and friends!! Wade will be missed.”

“Please pray for one of my closest friends, Wade Morris! He is in surgery right now. Drs are removing a blood clot from his heart & lung. He went in with COVID & Pneumonia. Please pray for strength, healing, & peace for Wade & his wife Deborah & daughters Eden & Trinity! Ps 23”

“Sad to hear about the death of Wade Morris. A bold preacher of the gospel who loved students and was a staple of summer camp life for many. Well done, Wade. God used you for many Luke 15 heaven celebrations.”

Evangelist Wade Morris

“One of my very beat friends Wade Morris @WadeSpeaks needs our prayers now! He is battling Covid Pneumonia. I’m calling on all believers & churches to Pray that God would heal him now! Please pray for his family as well!! This pic was taken a month ago. Pray!! #forWade”

Death Cause

Sources corroborated that Wade Morris died due to the covid 19 difficulties.  He was well remembered for his amazing speaking and persuading skills. In his life, he met with millions of people and made thousands of friends. Wade’s personality is attractive and very friendly. It is difficult even for one to control oneself from talking to him.


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Our sympathy goes with the family members and close relatives of Wade Morris. No doubt he was a bold preacher of the gospel. He will be remembered forever for everything he had done for society. Here are some heartwarming messages from social media : 

“So saddened to hear of the passing of a dear friend of mine Wade Morris will miss you dearly he was a great guy and an even better friend will miss your warm welcoming smile Rest In Peace my dear friend and will see you again in heaven one day down the road Crying face” Someone wrote on Twitter.

“Tonight gonna lay my head on the pillow & pray for Deb, Trinity, & Eden Morris. @WadeSpeaks family. Wade & his family have served @arkbaptists & @SuperSummerAR so well. Praying that tomorrow night, in student min across the state, the gospel is preached with clarity & conviction.”


Wade Morris belongs from Birmingham, Alabama. He was a successful evangelist and public speaker. He completed his graduation from Samford University. He gained so much by working in so many churches. Later he decided to spread the knowledge he collected to others by arranging conferences and camps. His wife’s name is Deborah. He was the father of two girls, Eden and Trinity. In the previous month, Wade Morris became covid positive. And on 3 august his death due to covid complications got public. 

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