A Hyderabad-based social media sensation Gadwal Bidda has just passed away. He was a little boy who got fame in a short span by his funny videos. He gathers social media attention through his viral video of Ram Gopal Varma critics. The news of his death shocked the entire nation as he was too young for the same. Social networking sites are flooded with mourning and heartfelt condolence messages. Our team also extends the deepest tribute to the passing of the young boy. Keep reading to explore more about him. 

Who was Gadwal Bidda?

Gadwal bidda real name S Mallikarjun Reddy. He hails from Jilledudinne of Gadwal district, in Hyderabad India. He was a social media sensation and content creator. He entertained so many people with his short videos. One source claims that the boy gained popularity over criticizing Ram Gopal Varma film. who is a Tollywood director.

In one of his videos, he made objectionable claims over the Dalits community in India. Due to this, he was forced to apologize later. Sources claim that he was suffering from asthma from birth. which now became the reason for his unfortunate passing. As of now, Gadwal Bidda does not have a Wikipedia page on the internet. 

Gadwal Bidda Death

The untimely passing of a passionate and lively boy is really heartbreaking news. Gadwal Bidda Death broke the hearts of hundreds of people who follows him. He was a smiling boy who have big aspirations for the future. Through his funny videos, he gain mass popularity and became viral in a short span. After his viral video, so many memes are also been created and circulated all over social media platforms. At this age, his confidence and courage have no match. Keep the family members in your prayers who lost such a gem in life. 

One said hearing the news “I remember those days when I was in the first year of my under graduation. My friend showed me this GadwalBidda video…after seeing the video and the memes on that I laughed out like anything. From then to now…words by him are still in my mind. Thankyou”

Death Reason

Gadwal Bidda Aka Mallikarjuna’s death reason is said to be asthma. He was suffering from the same for a very long time. sources revealed that from birth he was battling with the problem. His last funeral will be held in the Jilledudinne. 


Social media Reaction 

Many paid tributes and some commemorate him for his amazing funny skills to entertain people. “

Gadwal Bidda Malikarjuna reddy is no more He been suffering from health issues since Childhood
Rest in peace brother” one wrote on Facebook. 
Another said “We will miss you Mallikarjun Reddy You will be remembered in our memes and hearts forever”


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