Geisy Arruda is trending these days after her photos and video leaked on the internet. Her recent images on her social media platforms hit the internet world hard. everywhere on the internet people are talking about her and praising her for the beautiful pictures. keep reading to get more about her persona and professional life.

Who Is Geisy Arruda?

Geisy Arruda is an OnlyF star (a subscription-based photos, and video sharing platform). She created adult content for her subscribers. She has huge popularity over the internet for her beauty. Not much information about her personal life is known to this world. Ge8isy Arruda kept her personal stuff secret and has not shared it with others.

We are on the job to collect more about her personal life. And we believe very soon we have enough data to share with you. Though she is popular and followed by millions, she did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet.  


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Geisy Arruda Photos Leaked

Some hot videos of Geisy in provocative style leaked on different social media. She became a matter of conversation for everyone on the platforms for her adult pics. Due to which there is a significant spike in her followers and fan base. So far there is no comment from her side on the viral photos. we will keep you updated whenever there’s anything new came up. 

You can estimate her craze over the youth by having a glance at her Instagram followers. She amassed 4 million followers. She is doing all this for a long time and created a lot of content to reach where she is now. 

Apart from Instagram, she is also available on Twitter. On which she is followed by 677.6K people.

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