Recently a New video of School Fight goes viral on Social media. Sources claim that the Fight video is of Eric_perteet who has a Twitter account with around 1.1k followers. But between the fight video of Eric_perteet and Wolfybreezy, A new Twitter User named tik_tok13 goes viral. Who is tik_tok13 and why he/she goes viral on Social media? Be on the article to get answers. 

Who is tik_tok13 Twitter?

tik_tok13 is an anonymous Twitter user who recently post the fight video of Eric_perteet and Wolfybreezy. Currently, the user has more than 3k followers on his Twitter account. We are unable to find out the real name and other details of the users at this point in time. Sources claim that within the 21 hours of video upload on Twitter, the video reached 179k views and thousands of likes. 

We are continuously looking for more details about the person who has a Twitter account with the name tik_tok13.

Eric_perteet fight video

Eric_perteet & Wolfybreezy Fight Explained

Recently a high school fight video of 2 guys goes viral on Social media. Wolfybreezy and Eric Perteet was the first one who upload the video of 2 guy fighting in a high school. In which a student clearly seems to be overtaking another one with punches and slaps. On the other hand, the other student is falling down and defending himself. The user that first posted the video, Eric_perteet, has since been banned from TikTok. He then immediately deleted the video on Twitter. Several people have since uploaded the fight video on different social media platforms.

Many viewers are claiming that one person in the video got stabbed in the lungs by the opponent, and he still went on to win the fight. They do not look injured as there is no visible wound or injury on any of them. Further details on their health will be revealed once more information about the individuals will be made public.

Further updates related to the video will update soon on the article.


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