Recently we have noticed the arrest of a famous GTA YouTuber JK Gam3rs. The case was registered under the charge of the rape of a juvenile. The case is getting momentum on social media like the spread of wildfire. This is really sad for the whole gaming community. Many famous gamers also took social media to show their support towards the girl who became the victim. Bloomington Police Department has already registered the case. The YouTuber’s subscribers were also shocked by the news. They have never imagined something like this.

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JK Gam3rs Arrested

The shocking news of Bloomington man, well knows YouTuber renowned with the name of JK Gam3rs got arrested. He was arrested for the criminal offense of rape with the adolescent. The rape case was on the investigation since 2019. And now Gillin was charged with the crime.  Immideitaly after the incident was reported to the Bloomington Police, they registered the case and took the required action against the gamer.

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One wrote reacting to the arrest news: “This honestly surprised me as well because i wouldn’t even think a person like him would do that stuff, especially since he has a family. I personally don’t think he’s been setup mainly because he deleted all his channels which kinda shows that he knows his career is done for.”


JK Gam3rs Arrested


Charged, Assault of Minor Girl

JK Gamer was arrested under the charge of assaulting a minor girl. It is really heartbreaking for the gaming industry. His subscribers have never imagined that the person who is entertaining them with amazing gaming skills will be a man of this kind.

“Nice so JK Gam3rs has now been exposed as a pedophile. Not only that, his bio states he’s a dad. I am instantly reminded of one of the former principles that were at the school I went to. Absolutely sickens me to think about what the children and wife feel about it.”Said one on Twitter

“Especially to others that knew him up close. Feeling lied to. I’ve seen it affect people once already. I haven’t watched this guy’s content very much anyway so it doesn’t affect me much but just thinking about others being affected by it does really get to me.” he continued.

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JK Gam3rs 

John A. Gillin was well known by the name of JK gamer. JK Gam3rs is 37 years old GTA gaming Youtuber. He was a resident of Bloomington. According to the one source, he has around 95.5K subscribers on youtube. He usually posts GTA game videos and entertains the viewers.   His personal information like wife, net worth, family are not available with us at the moment. But as he was recently on social media attention and netizens are demanding more information, we believe his personal details will be made public very soon. Kindly connected with us to never miss a single update related to world news.

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