A video of a ghost in a village in Indonesia is getting viral on social media recently. The clip titled HANTU DESA MUNING is everywhere on the internet. You can find the same on Facebook and other social media platforms. The video belongs from South Kalimantan. In the video, you can see a ghost walking around. The video was shooted by an unknown man present at that moment. The video is getting viral on the internet since it first arrived. In this blog, we will learn about the truth behind the viral HANTU DESA MUNING clip. So make sure you keep reading this blog. 

hantu desa munning video

HANTU DESA MUNING is a video from South Kalimantan in indonesia. In the viral video, there are rumors all around that a ghost was recorded passing from one place to another. Although not much about the clip is revealed in the public domain yet. The video was shooted by an unknown man on his mobile phone. We cant confirm the person who uploaded the clip on the internet. There are lots of details that are yet to be confirmed. 

Following the rumors about the ghosts whole village is filled with the terror of ghosts. “CAGE – Police immediately step down to follow up information that shook the cyberspace, regarding ghost terror information from Muning Village, South Daha District, South Sungai District (HSS).”

Later on, it was confirmed that the whole ghost news and the viral HANTU DESA MUNING video is just a hoax nothing more. “Kapolsek Daha Selatan, AKP J Tobing, conveyed the information that was circulated was a hoax news.

It was known after the South Daha Police investigated the truth of the news at the office of Desa Muning Baru and Desa Muning Tengah on Monday”

“We ask you not to disseminate information directly, especially things that can cause noise. We ask the community to ensure the truth first,” said AKP J Tobing.

Police immediately step down to follow up on information that shook the cyber world, regarding ghost terror information from Muning Village, South Daha District, and South Sungai District (HSS). And now it is clear that the video circulating around claiming that there is a ghost is just a fallacy nothing more.  We will keep you updated with further news and events in this regard. We will update this blog as soon as anything new came up. Now the situation is under control. From different medium, the police have made it clear that there is nothing like any ghost in the Muning Village. 

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