Heather Armstrong 'Mommy Blogger' Aka Dooce Passed Away At 47! What Happened To Dooce?

Starting the day we got so much news where some are interesting and some are shocking, and out of many one recently got confirmed that broke thousands of people in tears. Yes, we are talking about the Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong, and it is to be announced with a very heavy heart that the lady has passed away, she was 47 years old. Now, as soon as the news got confirmed it started surfacing on the web and people especially those who were her fans, are mourning mommy blogger’s death.

Heather Armstrong 'Mommy Blogger' Aka Dooce Passed Away At 47! What Happened To Dooce?

People have been looking for so many details on Heather Armstrong’s death and searching for her death reason. Well, saying this would not be bad that she was a pioneering blogger who changed women’s media and transformed the public perception of motherhood. Also, if you are thinking about her how famous she was, then her official Wikipedia page is completely filled with her life story where almost everything is written. Armstrong was one of the most successful and loved bloggers who used to talk about motherhood on her website Dooce.com.

Who Was Heather Armstrong?

So, Heather Brooke Hamilton prominently known as Heather Armstrong and Mommy Blogger, was an American blogger from Salt Lake City, Utah. She used to write under the pseudonym of Dooce. She got this word from her own ineptitude to quickly spell “dude” during online chats with her former co-workers. Born on July 19, 1975, in the United States, Dooce died on May 9, 2023, in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. after she committed suicide due to the relapse of her alcoholism.

She was best at her field and was a Blogger, Author, Consultant, and noted Columnist in the region. Now, when it comes to talking about her life then no doubt you would be shocked to know about her journey. Heather Armstrong who later got fame as a mommy blogger, was not actually in the field from the very beginning. Actually, Armstrong began her blog back in 2001 but that blog cost her job. Now, when the lady began blogging, she used to write about her co-workers’ life and their parenting, but when they got to know about her, they terminated Heather from her job.

However, after leaving the job in 2001, she continued to work on her blogs where she used to write about motherhood and the struggles that a mother faces during her whole life especially when raising kids. She focused on her parenting struggles and eventually ran ads in 2004. Now, here she got the boost when she had 8.5 million viewers a month and was reportedly making over $100,000 annually from banner ads on her website Dooce.com. And this entire scene happened after 5 years of continuously working. If you are keen to know more about her then you can read about the news on her official Wikipedia and her official website as well.

Mommy Blogger Heather Armstrong’s Obituary

So, according to the reports, the famous blogger’s death was confirmed by her current boyfriend Pete Ashdown who broke the news via press conference where he told media that he found Heather dead on Tuesday night in their Salt Lake City home. However, when it comes to talking about her death reason then her boyfriend told that the lady died by committing suicide. Ashdown also told that Dooce was sober for the past 18 months and was trying to control herself from taking alcohol but unfortunately, she committed suicide on 9th May 2023 after an apparent relapse of her alcoholism. Our saddest condolences are with her family. Follow us for more updates.

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