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Heleninelsson Said “She adds this because when she asked her daughter the about problem, she quickly trusted her but she was aware of Carla’s family’s bogus social networking site. She then discovered that her daddy had signed up for her OnlyF profile below a false name. In a sequence of TikToks which broadcast on Jan 28, TikTok and OnlyF member @heleninelsson, 21, exposed her accusations of early date rape by my parents as well as other grownups.”

Heleninelsson Leaked Video

In the movie’s commentary, she added, “It’s not criminal for you (dad) to sell my nude.” “The one and the only reason I found out must have been when he rang and offered me $150 to ‘game with yourself,’ but I could see my mother ringing in the backdrop,” she said. @heleninelsson revealed she discovered her dad had joined her OnlyF for “nearly a decade” under 2 distinct names inside the overlaid caption of her debut clip, that has been watched approximately 8 million different ways.

Who is Heleninelsson?

She also claimed her dad sexually abused her as both a youngster and also of putting her in a condition to be attacked. Heleni nelsson continued by stating that she thinks her dad has already been phishing her now that she’s in middle school using false Fb and Snap identities. He had been so fond of me that since I was 4 years old, he often take me into his relative’s apartment or areas that he had previously visited.

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My dad was s3xually drawn to me from quite a young era,” @heleninelsson alleged in an obey TikTok. The “victimization” wasn’t ever fully answered, she claimed, and my mom is “out from the loop” and “seemed to have no knowledge” her husband had sexually assaulted her. Allow him ta kiss me, girl.” She reportedly says that even though she was a child, her mother texted her through some kind of phony social media page and even sent her images of his genitalia, requesting her to “grade” the photos in exchange for cash.

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