Donny Petersen was Hells Angels Group Leader who recently passed away. Fans mourn his sudden demise and his obituary is circulating online:

Donny Petersen was recently making news headlines after the rumors of his death flooded social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter. He was a popular biker and group leader of the Hells Angels. Donny was well known for his amazing eye-catching modifications on motorcycles. The news of his death was reported by some sources on the internet. We will discuss more that later in this blog. First, we will learn his personal background.

Who Is Donny Petersen?

Donny Petersen was Hells Angels Toronto leader who was best known for his bike modifications. He was a passionate and energetic guy when it comes to monstrous bikes. He developed an interest in these at a very small age.  Between 1992 to 2010 he was the owner of Heavy Duty Cycles.

Also, Donny has worked for the popular motor vehicle giant Harley Davidson. While working he learns so much in the organization of the mechanics of the two-wheelers. Although his real age is never mentioned on any public source, some rumors claim he was around 78 years old at the time of his demise. He was active on Facebook with a decent fan following. According to his social media bio, He was “Author and Technical Journalist on H-D Twin Cam and Shovelhead Motorcycles at Winner of 2012, 2013, 2014 International Book Awards”

Donny Petersen Death

Donny Petersen Dead news is a big blow to everyone who met known him. His polite and positive behavior creates a place in everyone’s hearts. The reason behind his sudden death is still a matter to discover. There are no details available on the circumstances surrounding Donny’s departure. Our team will update you further on this. so keep following us to grasp the latest happenings earliest. 

Donny Petersen

Donny Petersen  Obituary 

So far the family hasn’t declared Donny Petersen  Obituary in the public. They are deeply shocked by the sudden losing a loving family member. Sources said that he was a married man with children. Our team shared deepest condolences with them. In his one post, Donny wrote “Any group looking for numbers will make a big mistake if quality lessens. Strength is in loyalty and backing each other up…Da Don.”

Melissa Leanne Hoyle said “I’m absolutely destroyed by the loss of one of the best men in my life. Forever in my heart uncle Donny Petersen. L&R”

One reacted to the death “We convey our condolences to the entire family for the loss of this great man, respectful, friendly and close … our embrace and strength ” 

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