Mac users at one point have faced a challenge playing MKV file format on their Apple devices. Playing MKV videos might be f\difficult due to video disruption, glitches, or video failing to play. Wasting time to troubleshoot what the problem is can be devastating. 

The reality is MKV formats don’t automatically work on Mac when they download it, unlike in Windows. There are, however, simple tricks Mac users can still play MKV videos before trashing the whole idea away. Here are the not-so-secret tips you can follow to play MKV video files on Mac. 

Install a plugin QuickTime

To play .mkv on Mac, you need to convert the file format to one supported by your Mac device. One of the popular options for MKV file format is Mac QuickTime which is an in-built video player. This is, however, not an automatic process because you will need to install a plugin to enable QuickTime to play MKV videos. 

Many plugins on the internet can enhance this process, but the most convenient one is the Peria plugin which may be downloaded from the official website. Install the plugin and allow the permission requirements that appear as warnings. Once installation is complete, you will be able to play MKV videos. 

Play MKV videos with VLC

VLC media player remains popular because of its reliable and consistent ability to play files with no technical difficulties. VLC has a variety of formats and codecs that can play different types of file formats at ease.

It is supported by most operating systems not limited to android, macOS, Windows, among others. Download the VLC media player on your Safari to get the latest version. You don’t need any plugins to get the VLC, just get into the site and download it, then run it on your Mac. 

After running and installing VLC, you will be able to play any file format in your Mac, including MP4 and MKV file format. Simply right-click the MKV file and select open with VLC and your video will begin to play.

Elmedia Video Player

The whole process of converting video formats can be tiring, while there is an option to play the MKV files directly with no need to install additional plugins. Elmedia is one of the most popular media players that can be used by Mac users to play MKV video formats. Elmedia supports almost if not all file formats and this includes MKV files. 

Just like VLC, you will have to install Elmedia by downloading it from the official website. Open the file, click on the MKV file you want to play and select the open option. Elmedia also allows you to harmonize audio, adjust the playback speed of the video, adjust brightness, among other options. 

Convert MKV with Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a free online video converter and can help you convert MKV file formats into Mac-supported format. Because it is an online video converter, you don’t need to install it into your Mac. This makes your work easier because files will automatically download as compatible formats ready to play on your Mac. The platform offers a range of options you can use to enhance video quality and perform any adjustments like changing the video resolution, or size, before converting the video to the desired format.

To perform this function, you need to access the Apowersoft website and give permission to a java notification on your screen. Choose the video format you want, conduct the necessary adjustments, select the green “Convert” option, and download the converted video.

Convert using Handbrake

VLC and QuickTime are great options to play MKV files, but to add to the list is also Handbrake which stands as a better option in this regard. To play MKV file formats, you will need to convert them into a format that is supported by your Mac device using the Handbrake software. 

It remains a popular option for converting MKV files to the supported MP4 option. To do this, you need the Handbrake in your Mac by simply downloading it from your browser on the official website. From the website, click the download link, which will be found on the downloads folder.

Click open Handbrake from the downloads. Here you will see the options to convert MKV file formats to formats supported in your Mac. The advantage of using Handbrake is you can convert more than one file at the same time. You can control the audios, dimensions, and other video options available. 


MKV is one of the best options when it comes to video formats because of its strength to store larger and better-quality media in one file. Watching MKV files requires one to use third-party applications that are better than the conventional QuickTime. Depending on your needs, choosing a method to play MVK videos on your Mac requires you to perform any of the above methods.


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