In this blog, we are going to talk about Hushpuppi who is trending after the rumors of his death broke out on social media. He was a Nigerian internet fraudster who is under custody since the 25th of June, 2020. Mrs. Kemi Olunloyo who is a well-known journalist in Nigerian keeps internet netizens updated about him since he first got convicted of the crime. In her recent tweet on Twitter, people draw out the message that Hushpuppi has died. Although she has not exactly cleared the same. Keep reading to gain further knowledge about him. 

As per the sources, Hushpuppi was a 37-year-old Nigerian boy. He was born to a taxi driver. He used to work at the Olojojo market with his mother. Later on, somehow Hushpuppi started cybercriminal activities. Reports cleared that in February 2019 he attempted to steal  13 million euros from the Bank of Valletta. His last major scam which came to the notice of the public was the Qatar school scam.

Who is Hushpuppi?

Further on the 25th of June, 2020 he got arrested and taken into custody by Dubai Police. You can find him on Instagram where around 2.6 million people follow him. One of his IG posts said “While you’re sanitizing and wiping everything down, Be sure wipe racism, hatred, and jealousy out of your heart. That too is a virus”


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Hushpuppi was taking social media by storm after the rumors of his passing at the age of 37 years came into the public domain. When our team investigated more to reach the origin then we found the tweet of an award-winning journalist.  Mrs. Kemi Olunloyo often regards him as “The Big Boy”. In his recent post on social media, she wrote “Your boy has died”. The same conclusion as the Hushpuppi Death by lots of people who knew she called him boy. Although she has not cleared whether her tweet holds the same intent or not. 

Back since the mysterious message from Nigerian journalist internet netizens are wondering with their questions is hushpuppi still alive? Our team is trying its best to collect further information about his demise. As of now, there is no official news from authentic sources claiming him dead. 

After the detail of his demise, many reacted in the same.  Journalist Dr. Kemi Olunloyo wrote in her recent post “Next week DCP ABBA KYARI better not say he smuggled guns for ESN/IPOB. He says they’re responsible for his palava. Remember all those pump action guns intercepted at the ports, some disguised as plasma TV boxes, DSS will come for him. Right now Kyari needs witness protection. Someone may eliminate him. I’m an investigative journalist and just thinking outside the box. “



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