There is a terrible video on the Internet which is circulating and everyone is showing so much interest to watch the video. won’t tell the video is very heartbreaking because in the video we can see a 14-year outdated boy who is falling at the icon park. And he has passed away, unfortunately. the video is getting viral day by day and many people are searching for this.

Icon Park Twitter Video

They want to know what happened to the boy and how did he fall? We won’t tell you as per the report we got to know that the victim’s name was Tyre Sampson who went there along with his family with the motive of getting pleasure in the USA. But no one have thought it would happen with him.

We would like to tell you it is the tallest drop Tower and no one was aware of this the incident has been recorded by the individuals. At the time of writing this post, the Icon Park Twitter Video is circulating on the video. So far Icon Park Twitter Video has been viewed more than thousands of people. Netizens are reacting to the video and feeling sad. Follow DeathMilitia.Com for more updates on this. 

Icon Park Twitter Video

14 year old icon park full video reddit

In the video, we can see a 14 years old boy is falling from the tower that is why we will not recommend you to watch this video. As many people are showing their interest it is the hardest moment for the victim’s family. People are expressing their condolence to the family and many people are showing sympathy on social media sites. They are making tweets and many people are sharing the video on social sites.

The victim and the video are rapidly being searched by tons of people on the web. Several netizens have come forward to pay tribute to the innocent soul. Still, some find me for the link so that they can watch the reaction of people. The investigation is going on and investigators are trying to know what exactly happens with the boy. We also express condolence to the family that may his soul rest in peace. At the time of his that he was 14 years old and fell from the ride at icon park in the US. As it is the world’s tallest drop Tower there is a video on the Twitter and Reddit platform which was shot by people and it is circulating nonstop.

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