For the past couple of hours, we have noticed David Bunmi trending on social media sites because of his arrest. Everywhere on the internet, he has become a topic of discussion. If you are on our website to know about David Bunmi  Arrested, Fraud charges,  charged, Abiola Alawode David Bunmi, how old is David Bunmi, jailed, BBC News, Facebook, Wikipedia, Girlfriend, etc. then you can continue till the end to get all your answers.

David Bunmi Arrested

David Bunmi, a popular English social media influencer some time ago arrested by the local police. As he was quite popular among his fans, the matter now completely became a center of attraction on social media. He has thousands of fan communities base on his social media handles. David was well known for comedy skits. Last year, he was accused of assaulting a girl named Jess. Initially, it seemed to be just for fame but later the case catches speed and was brought to court. The current status of whether David was arrested or not is still confusing. Because there is no update from authentic sources.

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David Bunmi Fraud charges

David Bunmi was indulging in fraud charges because he was alleged to assault a female one year ago. The girl named Jess originally belongs from London accused him of the assault.  David denied all allegations put by jess and claimed that she was doing all these for popularity. Some rumors claimed that David Bunmi was jailed because he was found guilty. but as there is no solid proof of the same, we request you not to believe any of those rumors. Also, BBC news has not been clear whether he was jailed or not.

Here is a tweet by Jess

David Bunmi 

She further continued: “Here are the 2 photos. One I have decided to cover my face as it is a very unattractive photo of myself and I don’t want to get dragged on Twitter for my appearance when I’m trying to create awareness about this awful situation I’m in.”

In the comment section so many show support to the female “You were literally 16 at the time and it’s so easy to be manipulated by people of “power”. Don’t be hard on yourself that it took you a little while to fully understand what happened, it takes some people a lot longer and you were only a kid. Be proud you spoke your truth x”

“He’s also deactivated his Twitter so he fully knows he’s done wrong. I can’t believe men still have to continuously be told it’s NOT okay to touch any part of a woman without her consent Woman facepalming”

How old is David Bunmi

David Bunmi was born on October 12, 2000. He was around 20 years old as of now. He belongs to Nigeria. He has achieved so much on his own by working on social media platforms.

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David did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. Also, he does not like to share his personal stuff in the public due to which we can’t provide you any information like a girlfriend, net worth, family at this moment. If you check his Instagram page then you find he is often seen with Corie Rayvon. So many sources claimed that David was in an active relationship with her. Here is his official Instagram handle.


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