The news of a New York police officer’s ex-girlfriend, being shot dead is spreading on the internet like a wildfire. NYPD officer Yvonne Wu targeted gunshot Jenny and another woman at the incident which cause serious injuries in her body. In this incident, Jenny Li get serious injuries but now she is in stable condition. 

We will talk more about the matter in detail so keep reading till the end.

Who is Jenny Li? Yvonne Wu Shot Ex-Girlfriend

Yvonne Wu Jenny Li Shot

NYPD officer name Yvonne Wu from Department’s 72nd area attacked his ex-girlfriend when he founded her with the other women on the road. Sources claim that both split a few months before the incident took place. The shocking news shaken out complete new york when the terrible news came out in public.

Many questions the new york police department for the undefendable action of their officer. Jenny Li who is in a relationship with Yvonne in past got serious injuries in the body due to a gunshot. With her, there is the woman who is said to be shot dead by the NYPD cop at the moment.

Scallywag and Vagabond wrote on Facebook sharing the news “That’s what you get!” Yvonne Wu off-duty NYPD cop shoots dead her ex-girlfriend’s new lover while also seriously injuring her ex before surrendering after waiting for the couple to return to Brooklyn home. Victims id as Jenny Li & fatal victim, Jamie Liang.”

Yvonne Wu who is 31 years old in now behind the bars for his crime. Very soon he will be presented in the court for the punishment declaration.

Brooklyn residence was the place where he was writing for her ex. When Jenny Li with another woman came into the officer’s eyesight he came close and shot both on the spot.

Who is Jenny Li?

Jenny Li was just 23 years old according to some sources. The actual year of her birth was not mentioned on the internet. She did not have any Wikipedia page. At the current time, she is out of life risk. But in this incident, an innocent woman has been killed for no reason. Our team shared deepest condolences with the family member and pray for them. “Sources said Yvonne Wu waited inside her ex-girlfriend’s home, which they shared at one time. Wu allegedly opened fire when her ex arrived with another woman”

“31-year-old off-duty NYPD officer Yvonne Wu is seen being frisked by fellow officers last night. NYPD says she confessed to shooting her ex-girlfriend & fatally shooting that woman’s new girlfriend. Source says Wu was possessive of her ex. She waited for the two inside the house she used to share with her.”

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“Attention Fellow Anti-Gun Violence, Anti-Domestic Violence advocates and Politicians, let there be no silence regarding this incident.”

“Gun Violence and Domestic Violence are nothing new in the NYPD. The Blue Uniform does not excuse it or permits silence regarding it. Let’s make sure that we include this in all conversations as well.” said Anthony Beckford

Yvonne Wu was completely out of his control when he took this step knowing the fact that he is a public servant whose job is to protect and defend the city people instead of harming them for their personal satisfaction.

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