Recently huge searches came on the internet and you will be shocked that the searches were of Jessica Andrade leaked photos. Our team has just got the news that Some photos and videos of Jessica Andrade were leaked online and became viral on the internet. Even the Former UFC champion said that she didn’t bother by leaked nude photos; paid off house, a car with OnlyFans money. Be on the blog to get the complete story of her leaked images and videos on Onlyfans. 

Jessica Andrade

Jessica Andrade Leaked Photos

A few months ago, “Bate Estaca” joined OnlyF at the suggestion of his wife Fernanda Gomes for additional income after moving to Las Vegas full time, but the nude photos of him were recently leaked and went viral on Brazil.

“I’m not sad because I imagined it could happen,” Andrade told MMA Fight. “I’ve seen this happen to other fighters as well … I’m not sad because I know it will eventually leak out.

“I’m 30 years old and my body won’t look beautiful for the rest of my life, so as long as it’s good, we should enjoy it. No one wants to see it in the future. [Laughter] You. ‘ You better use it once in a while when you finish. But he is not angry. I think he’s funny because people create a lot of memes. “

Andrade said that “life taught me a lot”, especially after she announced to the world that she was a gay woman. The UFC star said dealing with prejudice and strong opposition from her allowed him to live a good life without paying too much attention to negative energy.

“If I take [those photos] against my will, things will be different,” Andrade said. “But I did, knowing it could happen. Not everyone has always been honest with you.

The photo is a package of a person, but you do not know the heart and essence of this person. Unfortunately, this happened. But this is a learning experience. So now we take pictures, but only for the right people, in the right way. “

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At least a good check was done before the annoying surprise.

“I paid for my car and six or seven months rent (in Las Vegas) in advance,” she said. “I didn’t even use the money in my wallet during the last battle. I was able to pay bills in Brazil, help my family, and use OnlyF money to help Fernanda’s family.

“When you check your account and see that the money is still there, it’s good. It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I bought a lot of things on Amazon, and my house is now like a market, and the bills are still the same.” …… Although the photos have been leaked, there are only four or five of them. “

Andrade said that since his lightweight bout with Cynthia Calvillo on Sept. 25, he hasn’t posted anything on OnlyF for a while. This is because he is challenging Valen. Tina Shevchenko (Valentina Shevchenko) competed for the UFC championship for the first octagonal competition. . But she plans to take back her job after the game.

Andrade said that in addition to paying for the leaked photos, she was able to pay for her house in Brazil and began renovating her mother’s house through the platform.

“People think that OnlyFans is just porn, but that’s not the case,” Andrade said. “This is a platform to show his daily life, his struggles and what he does. I am very satisfied with OnlyFans.”


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