Recently the Ankha Zone trend is taking momentum on Tiktok. Everywhere on the internet people talking about the new trends which get viral on social media spaces. If you wanted to know everything about this Ankha zone original then keep reading. Tiktok is known for the strange and weird trends and videos.

This time an animated dancing cat video is viral on the platform. When we search for the origin then we found out the video of an Animal crossing an Egyptian cat dance is turned up from a game. And following the trend several Tiktoker making a video on the same. Due to which it got viral and spreads to other social media platforms too.

Ankha zone Video Full Explained

“Ankha is a snooty cat villager in the Animal Crossing series. She reappears in City Folk as well as New Leaf. In Animal Forest+, Animal Crossing, and in Animal Forest e+, she is an Islander. Her name is based on the ankh, which is the Egyptian hieroglyphic character that reads “life.” The Animal Crossing video game series is a series of communication simulation games, exclusively for Nintendo consoles (except for Pocket Camp, which is a mobile game). All games in the series are non-linear, in the sense that they have a somewhat set beginning, but no middle or end.”

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As we mentioned above that the origin of the dancing cat is taken from a game, Animal Crossing. Some Tiktokers extracting the dance video and uploaded it on TikTok, And eventually, it converted into a trend. Watching these videos general public are searching Ankha zone in the browser. With the dancing animals, the background music is also liked.

the above video gets 2.7 thousand likes and 194 comments at the press time. From this, we can easily find out the popularity of the Ankha zone sem Sensura.

Ankha Zone Animal Crossing Video

Ankha Zone Tan Original Music

A new and strange trend is identified by our team on the famous short video sharing platform TikTok. In the viral videos, Egyptian animated cats can be seen dancing all around. Ankha is a cat villager in the popular Animal Crossing series. Actually, the animated animals not only include cats but others too. But people are more attracted to the cat dance. The video on TikTok crosses the 100K views threshold. People are commenting, reacting, and sharing the video.



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One wrote on Twitter “Why is everyone on TikTok only now just discovering the Zone Ankha short that’s been out for months Loudly crying face they’re like omg what is this!? Like baby just sit and enjoy it ~”

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