Recently the name of popular choreographer, Travis Wall being accused of grooming allegation surfaced online. He is an artist from the World-famous entertainment company Break The Floor. The allegation of sexual harassment of young dancers was raised in the Toronto Star investigation against the choreographer. We will discuss the issue in detail later in this blog so keep reading.

Who Is Travis Wall?

He is born on September 16, 1987, in Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S. Travis Wall is a Dancer, choreographer, and instructor by the profession. Best known for his amazing jazz dance styles on the stage. His name is also best remembered for being a part of Break the Floor dance company, which organized dance competitions all over the world.

travis wall

Travis is Emmy’s award-winning dancer who has a huge fan following on social media. Like if you ask about his Instagram Account then for your kind information he amassed  708k followers on the platform. 


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Travis Wall News

Travis Wall grooming allegation leads to denial of his travel with the dance company. As the investigation still going on in relation to the matter. We will very soon get clarity on the issue once the investigation ends. As mentioned above Travis has a huge fan following on the different platforms, The recent allegation creates confusion for his followers. The news left many of them in disbelieve.

one of the supporters of Travis wrote “Love Travis Wall, but not the lousy paywall. Hope the allegations arent true. How stupid to potentially ruin ur career in this way is mindboggling!”

another wrote “Yet again, another story, this time from my childhood world of dance, showing immensely talented people to have despicable abusive sides. Travis Wall is a phenomenal dancer and choreographer – extraordinarily disappointed in this one.”

Break The floor Grooming Allegation

Travis Wall was not the only guy from the popular company who was accused of grooming and predatory behavior. Instead, there are others also from Break the Floor. In this case, Toronto star is also investigating other members of the company. And we shape very soon we have full information about the issue.

“I really hope that anyone who is a victim of sexual abuse or assault will speak up to someone they trust. I know that Travis Wall is incredibly talented, so investigate this thoroughly and hold him accountable if he is guilty.”

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