Julii Johnson, 34, was shot multiple times while sitting in her car on January 13 of this year:

Back in 2017, a girl name Julii Johnson got shot dead near her boyfriend’s house. Her boyfriend, Jim Terrell Lattner was the first one who noticed her after the gunshot and called the help. She was living with her boyfriend Warren, Michigan.

As on routine when she came out of the apartment in the early morning in January 2017, she got multiple gunshots from a suspect who flee away after completing his objective. Keep reading to learn more about Julii Johnson Murder

Who is Jim Terrell Lattner?

Jim Terrell Lattner was the boyfriend of Julii johnson who got shot dead in 2017. The couple was residing together in Warren, Michigan. They both were together for more than two years. There are some sources on the internet that claim about Jim’s background.  They said he has a criminal background and has been to jail due to narcotics.

After the death of her girlfriend, the police took him to the department for questioning. As he was taken as a suspect due to his criminal background.

As per the sources, Julii was 34 years old at that time. Her boyfriend was in her 40s. Not much about his Jim Terrell is available on the internet. 

“Family in disbelief as 34-year-old Julii Johnson is shot to death in Warren. Her boyfriend was questioned & released. “

There is no Wikipedia page related to him on the internet. All the provided information is taken from different sources. 


Julii Johnson Murder

When Julii Johnson went out of the house in the January of 2017 at 7:30 a.m, she received multiple bullet shots. Hearing the sound of the gunshot Jim head out of the house and is shocked with finding out that her partner is in the pool of blood. He immediately took her to the hospital but due to the series of injuries due to multiple gunshots, she passed away in between.

At the scene of the incident, he saw a man running possibly the perpetrator. With the help of Jim’s mobile record, a new suspect name Marcie Griffin came to light. She was his ex-girlfriend. Who possibly attempted this crime in the wake of the jealousy factor.

After the suspicious death of the lady, many shares condolence 


Suspect Arrested

According to some verified source, 3 people were arrested in the murder case of Julii johnson and one of them is Julii ex-boyfriend. The name of 3 suspects are Eric Gibson, 24, of Detroit, Marcie Griffin, 46, of Eastpointe, and George Rider, 58, of Huntington Woods. They were charged with first-degree murder. Gibson also faces charges of receiving and concealing a firearm and firearms violations.

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