Recently a new name has recently become a new Social media trend. I’m talking about the guy named Justine Madrigal whose video goes viral on social media especially on Twitter and Reddit. Who is orange shirt guy Justine Madrigal whose video goes viral on social media? we will learn the complete story here in this article. Let’s start with who is the orange guy in the viral video?

Who is Justine Madrigal?

Justine Madrigal is a guy whose one video goes viral on social media. in the video, he was wearing an orange shirt and that’s why most of the people were looking for Justine orange guy viral video on the internet. Thousands or even millions of people were already sharing, view and liking the video of the orange shirt guy on Social media. However, the video has been removed from Social media for now. and many kind-hearted netizens were requested from the rest of the people to remove the viral video of Justine Madrigal 

Justine Madrigal Video Viral Orange Shirt Guy

Hundereds of people were looking for after Justine Madrigal viral. The video shows a private moment between an orange guy and guy talagang? kayo na makapagsabi. The screenshot is also shared in the pinagkakakalat na ang kanyang video na nilasing lang daw sya ng bakla. 

Unfortunately, we have very little information related to the video, but we will surely update the article with the rest of the information. 

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