Our team has just noticed the reports of Jimmy Millar Death taking ground on the internet. according to the rumors The legendary footballer was said to be dead. But here we wanted to notify all our readers that there is no clarity over the same from an authentic sour. all the reports shared widely on social media did not have any base.  We will share more about the topic later in the article so keep reading.

Who Is Jimmy Millar Rangers?

He was born on 20 November 1934 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jimmy Millar is a  retired footballer who’s name is well associated with  Dunfermline Athletic, Rangers. That’s why you will find him Rangers Hall of Fame. He was known for being center-forward in the football ground. Jimmy left Rangers in 1967 and joined Dundee United. Scotland country people feel proud of him for his contribution to the football field. He won two caps for the country in 963 with the rangers.

Jimmy Millar Dead Or alive?

There are so many RIP and condolence messages shared all over social media. The messages are based on the reports which claimed him dead at 86 years. But as we mentioned above there is no official statement or authentic base behind them.

Thom Beard 55 wrote reacting to the Jimmy Millar demise

“Just seen the sad news that Jimmy Millar has passed away as well today. Have fond memories of my father regaling me & my brother with his tales of Jimmy Millar & Ralph Brand. Sincere condolences to all Jimmy’s family & friends. What a terrible day this has been”

jimmy miller

For your kind information in the 2017 year, the Millar family revealed that he is battling dementia for the past decade. But no information released so far about his current status.

Obituary Revealed

We did not have any information about Jimmy Millar Obituary so far. Our team is on its job to garner more facts and data to make everything crystal clear. “Our Rangers hearts are aching today. The passing of The Gaffer and another Rangers great Jimmy Millar.

Jimmy was one of my dad’s heroes and one of those players I first heard stories of as a young Ranger RIP Jimmy Millar. Deepest condolences to his family.”

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