The technology rise has led to the invention of devices that allow for multiple connections to access the internet. These multiple connections are made possible through devices such as a router or modem, which is supported by physical connections from the internet service providers. 


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What is a modem?

The modem is the most important component of your home network. It is what connects the router to the internet connection provided by ISP. Without the modem, there is only a local network connection with no access to the internet. 


What is a router?

A router is like a modem, but it only creates a link between modem and devices that need an internet connection. Routers support both wired and wireless connectivity, depending on their model. Most laptops nowadays support wireless connections and some may not even have a port for Ethernet cable. In that case, a USB port is needed for wired connectivity. Desktop computers always have an Ethernet port, but if wireless connectivity is preferred for a desktop computer, you can use a wireless USB adapter.


How to connect to the internet

  • There are two types of modem. One is standalone, through which you can connect the router to allow access of internet connection to multiple devices, or you can connect a single computer. The other modem is a wireless gateway, more like a combined router and modem, which is connected to coaxial cables or filters. The latter provides wired or wireless connectivity in itself.
  • If you have the standalone modem, you connect it to the router.
  • Now you have to connect the router to your computer. You need an Ethernet cable to make that possible. If there is no port for Ethernet cable, then a USB adapter should be used. One end of the Ethernet cable is connected to the router, while the other is connected to the computer port/USB adapter. 

These steps will ensure that you are connected to a working internet connection.


Cables connected to router/modem

The cables connected to the router/modem and your computer depending on the type of internet connection you have signed up for.

  • Ethernet: This kind of cable connects to the computer, gaming consoles, streaming boxes, etc. The connector on either end looks like a phone jack but wider. The Ethernet cable is thicker in shape and has four twisted pairs of copper wires inside.
  • Telephone cables can also be used to connect to the internet. Phone jacks are found in most houses in the US but you’ll only be able to connect to the internet if you have signed up for a DSL connection. Telephone cables have 12 twisted wire pairs inside a copper wire. The telephone cable connector is smaller than the Ethernet cable. It can easily fit into an Ethernet port but it can damage the port.
  • Coaxial cable is used to cable internet, along with TV antennas and cable TV boxes. It doesn’t have the same boxy look as a phone cable or Ethernet cable, rather it is circular with a pin in the middle. Coaxial cable consists of a copper core, having a metallic shield around it. 


Router connection without the internet, is it possible?

A router can work without an internet connection, however, there will be no access to the internet at all. If all the surrounding devices are connected to the router, whether wired or wirelessly, then these connected devices can perform activities like sharing files and printers. 


Internet without a router, is it possible?

Without a router, there is only a modem that receives an internet connection from the ISP. To access that internet connection, users will need to connect a cable; one end is connected to the modem and the other end to the computer or laptop.


What to look for in a router?

Internet service providers give routers and their equipment to their subscribers for a monthly or yearly subscription fee. But that might not suit your needs, which is when you’ll have to buy your own. These are some things to keep in mind while purchasing your router;

  • Coverage: thick walls around the house, or fireplace, and other obstacles can hinder the Wi-Fi connection. It is important to see that your router can cover a wide area around your house.
  • Performance: When buying a router, one has to make sure that it has the latest built-in technology. It improves the delayed time and improves network speed. 
  • Security: It is also important to keep in mind that the router has built-in security features and automatic updates, so it can be upgraded with time, to prevent all kinds of cyber threats.


In conclusion, it is possible to use the internet without a router, by connecting physical cables with the modem and computer system. A router is mainly a connection that has wireless capability and multiple ports to use for multiple devices that require Ethernet cables. However, if you use the internet with a modem, there will be a limited amount of ports to connect an Ethernet cable to, most likely one port.

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