Our team mourns the passing of K. Wilken Trucking Inc. co-founder, Kameron Reed Wilken. The untimely passing of the truck enthusiasts left everyone in utter disbelief. Everywhere on the internet people are sharing condolence and tribute over the departure of the young man. There are some reports claiming him dead because of a fatal accident. But as of now lack of official information restrain us from believing the same. Keep reading to discover more about him and the cause of death. 

Who was Kameron Reed Wilken?

As mentioned, Kameron was K. Wilken Trucking Inc.’s founder from Danforth, Illinois. He was very passionate about trucks from the early days of his life. That’s why he chooses to make his passion into a profession. According to some sources, he was in relation to Allison Cornwell. Reed was a kind-hearted, passionate, and living soul who loves and care for his people. His charismatic personality and sweet talk attract people and make them love to talk to him. After the news of his death, many shares RIP and mourning messages. 

Chris DeGroot said “Reed Wilken, Shelly Wilken – these have been lit up from early morning until now my heart weighs heavy for you and your families this world definitely lost a great person and I’m glad I could be of a little help! 🥺 Kameron Wilken we all gonna miss you goofing around mom n pops are going to need your hand fighting through this tragedy fly high my friend!

We have found his Facebook page where around 1.9 k people follow him. From his social media feed, you can estimate how connected he was with the trucks in his life. 

Kameron Reed Wilken Death

The saddening passing of truck king made an environment of sorrow all over his family and friends. No one has ever thought that he will leave in this way. “Way too young! Reed, Kim, and Shelly Wilken, you are truly in my thoughts and my heart absolutely aches for you all!” As per the reports, he died on the 16th of January 2022. He was just 23 years old and has attained so much in life. All thanks to his never gave up approach to life problems. there is no doubt that he was a role model for so many people who wanted to be successful like him in the field. 


Cause of Death

As per some rumors on the internet, Kameron Reed Wilken Death was a fallout of a tragic accident. The incident was reported between a  car and  18 wheel lorry. Following the same, Reed died on the spot due to some serious injury and too much blood loss. Although as of now there is no confirmation from the family related to his cause of death. We will keep you updated with our posts in the future. 

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