A new video clip is getting so much attention nowadays. This time Karen Idaly has been trending for the viral clip that surfaced online. The video is confirmed from the Pacasmayo, Peruvian state of La Libertad. It was recorded when a mom was scolding her daughter for leaving the house without consent.

Karen Idaly video

The video is getting circulating on the large scale. It was first uploaded on Twitter and Facebook from where it spread to different social media platforms as well. We will discuss everything about Karen Idaly in detail so continue your reading with us to not miss a single update.

Who is Karen Idaly?

Not much about the person Karen Idaly is known in the public domain. She has no wiki page on the internet or any LinkedIn profile page from which we can take reference. She came into the media limelight after her leaked video got viral on Twitter and Facebook. Karen was seen at a party scolding her daughter for leaving the house. Someone who has been present at the moment recorded it and made it public. The exact source of the clip remains unidentified as there is no clue about the same. The viral video was uploaded on Facebook and eventually, it got circulated to Twitter and Reddit as well. 

Karen Idaly Twitter Video 

Karen Idaly Viral Video was uploaded on Facebook. As the quite confusing so there are lots of questions in the mind of the viewers about whatever happening in the clip. Some rumors claim that in the video a daughter is being scolded by her mother for leaving the house. Although we can’t confirm much in this context due to a lack of sources. 

Our sources revealed that “Buenos Dias Peru” channel was the first platform where it got published first. From there it started gaining popularity and viral eventually. Further many people took their social handles to criticize the mother for doing all this mess in front of the camera.

People are curious to know the reason behind her daughter’s action when she flees her home. Karen Dominguez wrote on Facebook “The girl in the video makes adult content with her partner is called Kateren Idaly. The other girl in the photo of Luto is Nicole Larreategui Ecuadorian, a great person, an entrepreneur, and did social work. Death of aneurysm. !! Please don’t spread false information, let’s respect the pain of the family.!!”

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