The leads of Kathleen Kirkwood Death are circulating all over social media platforms. The popular entrepreneur was claimed to be dead in the reports due to an unknown reason. Seeing the reports, many social media users share condolences and tributes. We will discuss everything in detail so just keep reading till the end.

Kathleen Kirkwood

Who is Kathleen Kirkwood? 

Kathleen Kirkwood QVC is a New York-based entrepreneur. She founded the B.R.A. bra recycling agency, in 2011. The organization was meant for providing solutions to waste apparel like polyurethane foam bras and pads. Later this was turned into useful products like cushions.  Apart from this, she is also a current QVC Intimates.  From time to time she received the opportunity to speak on women entrepreneurship topics. Many considered her as their role model and learn a lot. 

Kirk did not have any Wikipedia page on the internet. but she does have a Linkedin profile page. 

Kathleen Kirkwood Death

There are so many reports claiming Kathleen Kirkwood Death. But so far there is no official statement backing the same. Kathleen’s family did not reveal anything in this contest so far. But on the social media spaces, you can see so many messages paying tributes to the entrepreneurs.

One social media user wrote hearing the news “I am so sorry to hear this! Praying for Kathleen’s family and friends before the Lord. Asking for God‘s comfort and whatever else is needed to get through this sad journey.”

We will let you know if anything new came up in the story. Also, no one has mentioned the circumstances around his demise. 

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Kathleen Kirkwood QVC Obituary

We did not have any information on Kathleen Kirkwood Obituary yet. WE will let you know when our team gets more leads about Kathleen.

One Kirkwood follower wrote “Oh no! I loved to watch her and own many of her things, she was just contagious with her energy and bright light, my deepest sympathy to her Family and Friends, I think many of us feel we knew her even though we had never met, rest in peace beautiful lady”


Many took their social media accounts to express their deepest grief over the news of Kathleen Kirkwood QVC departure. These messages clearly show how much love and respect these people have for her. You can find her on Instagram with 1,298 followers.

Kathy Levine posted on her Facebook handle “We called her the Queen of Shoulder Pads, The Undercover Agent at Q with her beautiful camisoles, and the ecological green machine with her dedication to recycling through her Bra Recycling Agency (B.R.A); but I called her friend.

Kathleen Kirkwood passed away after a short illness .
A tireless worker, a wonderful sister and daughter, a passionate dog mom, and a most beautiful friend, Kathleen loved her Starbucks cappuccino and brainstorming different business ideas. Her mind never stopped noodling how to create clever new items, and how to make a difference in the world.” 

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