A Horrible News is recently goes viral on Social media especially on Twitter & Reddit. The news revealed that a Beautiful Teacher’s mother named Denise Hallowell is Brutally Killed By Her Adopted Son Carlos Hallowell. The news is going crazy on Social media. Thousands of netizens were paying tribute to the poor mother. We will learn more about the case in the below section.

Carlos Hallowell,

Who is Carlos Hallowell?

Carlos Hallowell is a 17 years old guy who killed his adoptive mother with an ax when she is sleeping. This news is of 2019, 13th of July but for some unknown reason, Carlos Hallowell is going viral on Social media in 2021.  Sources claim that Carlos was adopted by his mother Denise Hallowell when he was just four years of age. This is really unbelievable how a 17 years old guy can kill his mother so brutally.

Carlos is a  brilliant student and even won laurels in athletics and academics. Everything is happy and perfect in their life but by age 11, Carlos fell into bad company and began exploring the vices of alcohol and drugs. This is really a heartbreaking moment to see a brilliant student spoiling his life because of drugs addiction. In the end, this drugs addiction destroy his and his mother’s life so badly.

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Denise Hallowell Killed by his Son

A Happy Family of a Teacher mother Denise Hallowell and his adopted son Carlos Hallowell turns into a real-life horrible nightmare when Carlos reached age 11. Citrus County Chronicle Wrote on His Facebook Account:

“NEWS ALERT: Carlos Hallowell sentenced to life for adoptive mother’s premeditated murder

Citrus County Circuit Court Judge Richard “Ric” Howard sentenced 19-year-old Carlos Hallowell Tuesday afternoon to life in prison for the July 13, 2019, first-degree murder of his adoptive mother, 57-year-old Denise Hallowell.

Hallowell wasn’t eligible for the death penalty because he was a 17-year-old minor when he committed the crime.

After jurors convicted him in July 2021, Hallowell was pitted against a prison term of between 40 years and up to life. Hallowell is entitled to a review of his sentence 25 years into his punishment.

For more, see the story in Wednesday’s edition of the Chronicle.

NOTE: The attached photograph is of Carlos Hallowell listening to evidence at his sentencing hearing Thursday, Sept. 9″

Carlos became addicted to alcohol, drugs, marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, acid, methamphetamine, and prescription pills which ruins his life completely. We pray that such news will never come to hear again. 


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