Some new rumors about the CEO of Pfizer are circulating on Social Media. According to the rumors, Albert Bourla has been arrested by the FBI in his home. However, the news seems to be rumored as any official statement or source is not yet founded. Be on the article to get all about the truth.

Who is Albert Bourla?

Famous Personality who is popularly known as Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla is recently goes viral for his Arrestment news. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has a beautiful wife named Myriam Alchanati Bourla. The couple is blessed with 2 children, one son, and one daughter. They reside in Scarsdale, New York. Albert Bourla is a veterinarian by academic qualification. As of 2021, Albert Bourla is 60 years old and he usually conducts many Donation programs for his home city Greece. 

Albert Bourla has an estimated net worth of around $31 million, as per Wallmine. Moreover, the CEO received a handsome amount of $20 million from his company after the Pfizer vaccine was successful. In November 2020, he sold around $5 million worth of his stocks as well. 

Albert himself has a complete Wikipedia page where you can read more about him. 

Albert Bourla, Pfizer CEO

Albert Bourla Arrested

Hundreds of rumors on Albert Bourla are circulating on the internet. According to the rumors, Albert Bourla is Arrested and Charged with Fraud. One Twitter user posted that the FBI allegedly raided his home and arrested him as a result. No official news channel nor any authority has confirmed the news of his arrest though.

It seems that all these rumors are circulated for hurting the reputation of Pfizer CEO. We request our readers not to believe in such rumors.  

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