Kay Flock also known as Kevin perez arrested in Bronx for the murder charges. Read Kevin perez charges jailed allegation age real name: 

Again kay flock, aka kevin perez arrested news is been circulating on the internet. This is not the first time when Kay Flock is arrested. Previously, On November 13, 2021, he was arrested for possessing guns and weapons. According to police, he used those as a prop for his music video, but they caught him. And again this time, Kay Flock has been taken into custody in the Bronx. but it seems that these are rumors. Although many social media users were claiming that big star Kay is arrested. we will know the complete story of kevin perez in the article.

kevin perez arrested

Who is Kevin Perez, aka Kay Flock?

Kay Flock who was also famous for his other name kevin perez‘s news was first released by the authority website NY Daily. Later various websites covers this topic and confirmed that Kay Flock has been arrested in Bronx. Kevin Perez is a popular 18 years old rapper who has millions of followers who truly love him. recently he has been trending across social media for the murder charges. His true fans still did not believe that he did such a crime. 

Kay Flock Arrested

Sources revealed Kevin Perez  Arrested reason is he shot and killed 24 years old Oscar Henandez outside a Harlem barbershop. Henandez was waiting inside the shop to get the haircut and then Kevin Perez walked into the shop and started a verbal altercation with him. Oscar went outside to confront him, and when he was about to walk away, Kevin pulled the trigger and shot him in the neck and back. Police believe that it was a gang-related shooting. The victim was a member of the Bronx-based Thridside gang.

Oscar Hernandez Murder update

Moreover, a photo of a police arrest warrants circulating on Twitter. It shows the picture of the rapper, and the statement reads he was in the run after murdering Oscar. Oscar Hernandez has been murdered outside a Harlem barbershop. He was shot in the neck and the back. We are waiting for releasing any official update. 


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