A New controversial topic is been trending on Social media. According to the sources, Kaz Crossley Cocaine Video got leaked and she has become one of the most viral subjects on Social Media nowadays. Kaz Crossley is a London-based makeup artist and also a  contestant of the reality TV show Love Island. She is a famous internet personality  beauty influencer with her own brand named “Kazbands.” We will know more about the businesswoman Kaz Crossley in the article.

 Love Island

Who is Kaz Crossley?

Kaz Crossley is a famous Social media star and also a famous Television personality. And no doubt that celebrities wee usually stuck on rumors issue. This time, a new rumor of Kaz Crossley goes viral on Social media and became a hot topic there. On almost every social media platform, People were talking about the makeup artist Kaz Crossley.


The 26 years old London-based artist has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. She got raised in London, England. In her career, she has become one of the most successful influencers and one of the famous London beauty. She has quoted herself as a “Thai Princess” on social media. At the age of 23, she entered in a famous Reality show Love Island. Being a famous social media influencer, model, and successful woman, she has millions of followers and supporters. But her leaked video will definitely harm her reputation in the long run. 

Kaz Crossley Cocaine Video

Kaz Crossley Cocaine Video recently got viral on Social media in which Kaz looked like she was attending a heavy party. Additionally, the video got filmed last year in Dubai when there was a chaos of pandemics in London. It got known that she had been staying in Dubai as a resident at the time. Kaz has yet to comment on anything regarding the matter. But, the fact that she is in Dubai has made her more trouble as the country itself is very strict regarding drugs offenses.

Currently, we don’t have any updates regarding her love life. But we will find it soon. 

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