Ken Griffin Perjury is another trending topic becoming viral on the internet nowadays. As Ken Griffin reportedly lied under oath and the Citadel CEO seems to be in trouble. We will discuss the case in the article later.

Ken Griffin Perjury

Popular personality and The Chief Executive Officer of the hedge fund company, Citadel LLC, Ken Griffin has been caught lying under oath.   A short squeeze on AMC and Gamestop hearing has revealed several irregularities involving Robinhood and other hedge funds.  His lie under oath news is on the trend list on almost every social media.

If Ken Griffin statement proved, then the Citadel CEO might face a lot of serious charges that may change the context of his financial services. But luckily, Ken Griffin is caught lying under oath.

Ken Griffin is being slammed for allegedly committing perjury during the AMC and Gamestop hearing. Sources confirmed that The hedge fund manager reportedly lied about his relationship with Vlad Tenev, the CEO of Robinhood. Both of them were called by the hearing authority concerning some irregularities.

Looking at the people’s reactions on social media, it does seem that Ken Griffin likely committed perjury. This is not the first time the Citadel CEO has been slammed for lying under oath.

Many reports on social media confirming that Griffin had lied in court before.

A Twitter User posted:

“Citadel CEO Ken Griffin lied during the GameStop House hearing when asked by U.S. Representative Juan Vargas if Citadel had any collusion with Robinhood. Turns out there WAS communication between them.”


#KenGriffinLied hashtag is circulating a lot on Twitter and Reddit. 

The hashtag has been the subject of more than 10k tweets already. Similarly, he is quite a trending topic on Reddit as well. His perjury allegations are heating up the internet. We will update you if we found anything else in this matter. 

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