Kendall Rae Hulu, a popular Youtuber and crime reporter on the social media platforms recently made news headlines after she released the documentary “Dead Asleep”. The documentary is based on the mysterious murder of a young 21 years old  Brooke Preston who was killed by her friend in sleepwalking. The incident happened in 2017.

Kendall Rae Hulu

Brooke got serious injuries as her friend stabbed her hard. Further on when she was taken to hospital declared dead by the time. The recent documentary on the incident has not gained so much attention. People are talking and sharing their views in this regard on social media platforms. We will share much more in this blog so continue your reading journey here. 


Who is Kendall Rae Hulu?

Kendall Rae Hulu is an American content creator on Youtube. She has her specialization in crime-related news reporting on social media platforms. Talking about her personal life, she was born on April 22, 1993, in Boston, Massachusetts. She started creating vlogs and writing articles on the crime around in America.

People enjoy reading and hearing about her. Her massive fan following on the internet is proof of the same. At present around 344k people follows her Instagram account. She was making news headlines currently after her Documentary on the Brooke Preston murder in 2017. 


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Brooke was 21 years old girl from Pennsylvania. She was murdered by her roommate Randy Herman Jr. in a sleeping walk. Later on, when the case was registered, Herman explained that he has no idea what happened at the moment. Everything that happened in the night was when he was sleepwalking. But later he got charged with the first-degree murder. Herman was sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Documentary ‘Dead Asleep’ Unknown Truth

Recently Kendall Rae Hulu released her documentary naming ‘Dead Asleep’: Unknown Truth On Brooke Preston Murder. She also posted a video of the same on Jan 26, 2022. Although the Jordan Preston sister of late Brooke was not at all happy with the documentary. She was really upset with the specification provided in the book. 

Bubbles wrote, “I saw Kendall Rae’s video on this case and it had the family’s side basically this girl got murdered and the defense of the killer said he was sleepwalking when he did it, nothing about that makes sense and he is in jail but ig Hulu wanted people to see he is just mentally ill”. The dead asleep documentary has gained much attention. and revive the old buried case of Brooke death. We will update you further on this. 


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