kenya suzuki oshiete galko-chan creator has been arrested for pedophile charges. find out more about the kenya suzuki age jailed:

Recently kenya suzuki, the creator of the popular Japanese manga series Please Tell Me! Galko-chan is been searching all over the internet. According to the news, galko-chan creator kenya suzuki faces pedophile charges and he is under arrest. social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit were flooded with the shocking reactions of Kenya Suzuki fans. Let’s find out more about the cause in the article.

who is kenya suzuki?

Kenya Suzuki is a well-known and popular artist. He gains popularity with his famous anime series Galko-Chen. Sources also revealed that Kenya went missing for almost a week before getting arrested for pedophilia and lews child activities. thousands of people were now angry with kenya suzuki and obviously, they were showing their anger on social media. In June 2014, he launched the manga on Kadokawa’s ComicWalker digital manga service. It later inspired a television anime that was premiered in January 2015.

kenya suzuki arrested

Sources confirmed that kenya suzuki arrested on pedophile charges for importing an unclothed child photo book from Germany. Police also confirmed that He was reported missing for almost a week before police spotted him. His incident proves that he is arrested for the right crime. The Aichi Prefectural Police Toyoda Station is suspected of violating the customs law, which is importing prohibited goods in Funabashi City. Reportedly, he stated: 

“I really wanted nude photos of overseas children that are not available in Japan.”

One Twitter user wrote:

“If the news comes out that Suzuki Kenya wasn’t arrested for CP, then I’ll make an apology for the quick comments. However, if it’s true then I stick by what I said.”

The police confiscated 46 books containing child pornography from the artist’s home. Nagoya Customs filed a case against Suzuki with the Okazaki Branch of the Nagoya District Public Prosecutors after the suspicion of violating of law. According to the sources, the alleged arrest was made twice in September and October last year. He was arrested after the authorities suspected an import of vulnerable pictures of children from Germany in a registered mail. 


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Oshiete Galko-Chan wiki

When the news of Oshiete Galko-Chan Artist Kenya Suzuki being arrested comes in front of the public, people were completely shocked. the news is not even digested by some of his fans and they were claiming that this is not true. But strong sources have confirmed Kenya Suzuki went to prison for pedophile charges. He has admitted to importing sensitive pictures of children from Germany. 

Prior to the arrest Seven Seas Entertainment had announced they were releasing the manga in North America. They have stayed silent regarding the arrest and accusation. The sources have been waiting for the official statement. 

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