A heartwrenching post by a person named Steve Leary getting surfaced online and being spreading like a wildfire. The post is about the unfortunate death of his 7 years old son Lachlan Leary. As per the information provided by Steve his son died after receiving the Covid virus vaccine. He was witnessing breathing problems starting from taking the vaccine and later died due to a heart attack as per the information provided by the father. Social media is flooded with reactions some are saying it is fake and just a fallacy. At the same time, some share condolence messages. Keep reading to discover more about the case further in this blog. 

who was Lachlan Leary?

He was Steve Leary son who got into the media limelight after the post confirming his death due to a covid virus vaccine shot. The family belongs from Sydney. He was 7 years old as claimed by the sources and died due to a heart attack. After receiving the covid vaccine he was facing breathing and high fever problems.

Sally Williams said “Please pray for this family – I cannot imagine the heartache. Don’t judge them as they trusted their government, doctors, and people who should be protecting innocent life.” 


The post being shared all over the social networking sites is claimed to be of steve leary sydney. But we can’t confirm whether this actually is. Because when our team searched more about the account from where they originated we found nothing. Also, there are some people saying this is just fake news nothing more. 

Danny D wrote invalidating the viral news on Facebook “It’s from a FAKE Steven Leary Facebook account. He doesn’t exist. There are no reports or records at Westmead Hospital where the passing is alleged to have occurred. No funeral details. And there are no photos of the Leary family with father Steven, son Lachlan or daughter/mother.”

Lachlan Leary Death

As per the information provided by Steve Leary Facebook post is that his son died due to the vaccine. He has closely monitored his son and when he developed a breathing problem then immediately contacted nearby Westmead hospital. But the hospital staff refused their entry with the patient son. Later due to the threat to call the reporters, they let him go with Lachlan Leary.

After continuous 4 hour hours of test and examination, he was discharged. Later on, the Friday mourning his son again developed some problems in the body. When the ambulance was called to carry him, 7 years old boy collapsed on the way to the hospital.

His post received worldwide attention. Many share their deepest tributes over the passing of their integral family member. 


“Steve Leary lost his child when his 7-year-old had a massive heart attack and passed on. His wife is now also hospitalized from her grief and he is trying to warn others while also trying to hold it together for his wife and surviving 2-year-old daughter. “

how did Steve Leary Lachlan son die?

Steve blamed the hospital carelessness and the Australian government as the reason behind his son’s death. Our team is still trying to collect more data on the same to bring more clarity. We will keep you updated with the latest findings on the same. 

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