Leonid Kuravlev, Soviet Actor died at the age of 85. Find our Leonid Kuravlev death, Cause of death, Age, Wikipedia, Obituary:

Saddening news of popular Russian actor Leonid Kuravlev Death has just surfaced online. Many sources confirmed the tragic passing of the veteran actor. He was 85 years old at the time of his death as confirmed by reports. Social media platforms are flooded with mourning and RIP messages shared all over. He was a prominent personality in the 90s. Our team also extends the deepest condolence to his son and other family members over losing such an integral part of their family. Keep reading to learn more about him. 

Leonid Kuravlev Death

The tragic passing of a great Russian actor shook the whole country. Leonid Kuravlev Death was confirmed by many sources as well as media groups. As per the official data, he was 85 years old at the time of his departure. He was full of beans and a smiling guy who care for his people. With his dedication and hard work, Leonid was able to entertain thousands of his fan following and walk on their expectations. His sudden demise broke the hearts of his diehard fans who follow him from the 90s. Our team shares sympathy with them. Rest in Peace Kuravlev. 

Who is Leonid Kuravlev?

He was a Russian film actor who was born on 8 October 1936 in Moscow, Soviet Union. His complete name was Leonid Vyacheslavovich Kuravlyov. He was born to a poor family. His father was a locksmith who left him in 1979.  In his life, Leonid went through many mental traumas. Like when the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union happened his mother got arrested on false charges. But later freed from custody. Even seeing all these difficulties he never gave up. From an early age, he decided to be a good actor which he achieved very well in his life.

Leonid learned to act from VGIK under the supervision of  Boris Bibikov. He made his debut while he was a student. “Leonid Kuravlev has worked in more than 200 films, the title of People’s Artist of the RSFSR and Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. In 1960 – 1992 he was a member of the troupe of the Actor’s Studio Theater in Moscow. Kuravlev became the star of the popular Soviet cinema of the 70s and 80s of the last century. “


His role in comedy movies like Afonya, It Can’t Be! and, The Most Charming and Attractive were some of his most successful films at that time. “You can hardly go a day in Russia without someone quoting a line from Afonya in conversation, an inextricable part of the fabric and folklore of Russian culture. It was the talent, the brilliance of Kuravlev to bring to that role, as with so many, what could never have even been imagined on the page.”

Apart from this, he was a devoted Christian.  And a member of the Russian Orthodox Church. 

How did Leonid Kuravlev die? (Cause of Death)

As per the information available to us, Leonid Kuravlev died of pneumonia on 30 January 2022. There are some rumors related to the covid virus as a possible death cause. But his son has already confirmed earlier that his all reports are covid negative. In starting of 2022, due to consistently deteriorating health, he was hospitalized and diagnosed with pneumonia. 

“Kuravlev’s Afonya may have been feckless, yet loveable, but Kuravlev the man was educated, erudite, patriotic, and even in what proved to be his twilight years speaking with great insight and perception about our complicated modern world. A great loss, a true legend, an enormous legacy,” said Graham William Phillips. 

Social Media Reaction 

Many social media users wrote heartfelt mourning messages and remember some beautiful moments. 


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