People are seeming interested in some leaked videos which is why they are bent on searching for such kinds of viral videos on the internet and social media websites. Recently one of the viral videos of Ken Okello radio CEO and QFM radio has got viral and it is making her headline of the news. Many people are searching for this and they continue visiting social media sites so that they can find out the video. We want to tell you he has been one of the famous personalities among people and now he is the hot topic on social media sites.

Lira Leaked Video

Lira Leaked Video With QFM Radio CEO Ken Okello

His recent leaked video has become a Centre attraction and it is making a buzz on the internet. The private video is circulating on the web and people are showing so much interest in the leaked video on Twitter. It is continuously being searched and it has been already watched by millions of people. So far it is capturing so much attention of Ugandans some are sharing the video on their social media handle.

We want to tell you Ken Okello is one of the famous personalities from Uganda. Some of her followers are saying that the video is not real it is fake we have not found so far any official confirmation. We won’t tell you in the video he can be seen with the girl whose name is Lira. As per her, Twitter handles both of them are sharing some private moments which is why they drawing lots of attention.

Who is Lira girl leaked video?

Now leaked videos have been a common topic because day by day. We are just getting to see any leaked videos after more searching we came to know the girl was ported under the username on Twitter@ MarieAuma3 and her name Marie. Lira had gone viral and people are making her more popular. There are some keywords that people are searching such as Lira leaked video and many more.

Lira is being followed by more than 2000 people there is not much information about her. She is the young black lady who is enjoying the drink with him, the video is seeming to have inappropriate content which is eighteen plus. Many of the people from Uganda are paying so much attention and finding the link. By profession, Ken Okello is the CEO of QFM radio he is around 28 years old he is from Uganda and famous for her work. More details about him are not disclosed by any official site we will let you know very soon as soon as we find them.

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