A beautiful young girl named Makayla Speakman is been on social media searches because of her missing news. According to her parents, teenager Makayla Speakman has been missing for the last 4 days. As of now, there is no update regarding the Makayla Speakman location.

Makayla Speakman Missing

For the last 4 days, the young and beautiful 14 years old girl Makayla Speakman has been missing. According to the reports, she was last seen at her friend’s house at 411 Parish Parc Circle. People were wishing for her safety and sharing her photos on the internet. Her sudden disappearance news hit the internet as many people were posting about the young missing girl.

One of her friend posted her Photo on social media and wrote:

“Friends, this is a student in my child’s school. She’s been missing for about three days. If you have any info please please please get in touch. And please share!”

who is Makayla Speakman?

Makayla Speakman is a young girl who is been trending on social media because of her sudden disappearance. Makayla Speakman has a Physique of 5ft 6 inches tall and weighs approx. 110lb. She wears braces, has blue eyes and blonde hair. As We said, her last location was her’s friend house but she doesn’t come back home after leaving her friend’s house. Makayla’s residence is in Ashborough East, Summerville, SC. Her parents and family members were feeling broken because of her daughter’s disappearance. We pray her daughter may return home safe and soon.

Missing Teenager Wiki

The only information available about the missing girl is that she was last seen at 411 Parish Parc Circle and went missing for the last 4 days. Police don’t give any update about her yet. Searching is going on but nothing is found yet. People were continuously posting about her on their social media accounts.


Makayla parents names are Sara Speakman and Rich Speakman. Those with any information about her can call 585-278-8548 or 843-729-1492. The informant can also call Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office at 843-873-5111.

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