Man hacked his wife with a machete is a video that is getting viral on social media sites, there are more than thousands of people, who have come to know about his video. He is the headline of the news, the is the video of a NY man, who is a former pastor. He has hacked his wife with a machete, which has been caught on the camera ad going viral over the course of time.

The shocking details have come out and people are showing lots of interest to find out more videos like this. Netizens are sharing this video and they are circulating the video on social media. We want to inform you already that the video of a man who has hacked his wife with a machete is the center of attraction.

Man Hacked His Wife A Machete

The video is inappropriate and contains some wrong scenes.  You might find the video on the platforms because of some wrong graphics the video has been removed from social media. You are not allowed to watch the video we request to all the readers that do not watch the video. We should report such content and should not share such content.  The video of the New York former pastor who had killed his wife in front of her apartment by hacking her with a machete.

It is going viral, the Victor Mateo was the convicted murderer of his wife, whom he has attacked outside her apartment in the  Bronx region. The man has been identified as  Victor, who parked his vehicle outside of his wife’s Throgs Neck Home on Oct 3, 2019. When she went out to take her daughter to the school Victor mercilessly attacked her and ran his vehicle over her twice. As far as we know his grandchildren were also there, who are 11 and 9 years old. He brutally attacked his wife and it was a inhume crime. He has been charged with a first-degree manslaughter crime on November 17, 2021.

Man Hacked His Wife A Machete  Video

He was the former pastor at Christian Congregation The Redeemer Church which was located in the Bronx region. After a few days,  he has been arrested in Hazeltown of Pennsylvania. There are more viral videos on the web that are getting viral it has been one of them. Man attacking his wife with a machete video has gone viral and it is grabbing lots of attention from netizens.  For more latest and viral videos keep visiting this post we will be right back with the new post then stay connected on the same site.

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