marissa fitzgerald was a 9 years old girl who was shot dead with her mother in 2017. find out marissa fitzgerald wiki parents death:

marissa fitzgerald, a 9 years old girl shot dead with her mother. The horrific incident occurred in 2017. The perpetrator was confirmed as her mother’s boyfriend. He was arrested immediately after the news reaches out to the local police. The crime shattered down thousands of hearts into pieces. Although the exact reason behind their murder is still uncovered by the authority. but there are some rumors which we will discuss later on in this blog. So make sure you keep reading until the end to discover marissa fitzgerald georgia, 

who is marissa fitzgerald?

Marissa Fitzgerald was a 9 years old daughter of Jennifer Taylor. She was an elementary school student in Fitzgerald, Georgia. She was murdered brutally with her mother in 2017. At that time Jennifer was  33 years old. Both were founded shot dead near  Fitzgerald High School. When the investigation took place, it was found that the mother was shot five-time and the daughter four times. The incident shocked the whole world after its public disclosure by the media groups.

Later on, Jennifer’s boyfriend name Veartis Tyrone Wallace uncovered in context to the criminal. The reason behind his act is still not clear by the sources. The incident took place in 2017 but till now not much was made public by the authorities. Even the punishment and charges he received by the law. 

Marissa Fitzgerald And Her mother Shot Dead

The duo’s mother and daughter were killed when they were on their way home. Initially, people mistaken as Savannah women were arrested and charged with the murder. But later it was clear that Wallace was the actual perpetrator who killed both by shooting mercilessly on them. 

“Day 4 of the 2017 Ben Hill Co. double murder trial, Veartis Tyrone Wallace is standing trial for the deaths of Jennifer Taylor, 33, and nine-year-old Marissa Lynn Taylor. An audio recording is being played and Tyrone is denying any involvement in the murder.”

marissa fitzgerald jail

Sources revealed that Veartis Tyrone Wallace who was 38 years old, commit this crime in January 2017. He is still under custody but not much revealed about his trial and punishment so far. The authorities have still maintained silence over the charges on him for the murder of two people. Our team will keep you updated with the latest findings in the case. So make sure you stay connected with our website for further updates on the subject. 

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