The saddening news of Markus Templer’s passing has been confirmed by multiple sources. He was a Toronto native and well known for being a Canadian IT entrepreneur. He was also an excellent speaker with amazing communication skills. the reason behind his sudden death at this young age broke the hearts of several people.

There are multiple tributes and condolence messages all over the social media platforms. People are sharing sympathy with his family for the great loss that occurred to them. A Gofundme page is also set up to give financial support to the family members. We will explain everything in detail one by one so make sure you do not skip any part. 

Who is Markus Templer?

Markus Templer Toronto was born in Toronto, Canada. He was a motivated Canadian IT entrepreneur, facilitator, and speaker.  He studied at the University of Western Ontario. Markus also went to  Dunbarton High School for his higher studies. Talking about his professional career, Markus worked in Olive Media. He was also a Former Director – of Agency Sales at Rocket Fuel Inc. – Now Sizmek. He was a kind-hearted, hardworking, and honest man who cares for his people.

Markus Templer Markus Templer Markus Templer Markus Templer

The way he left his people all of a sudden is really shocking. Jeff Sparkes wrote on Facebook “I’m in utter shock to hear of the sudden passing of my brother Markus Templer. Life has the strangest ways of reminding us of the things that matter the most. We lost another close friend of ours months ago, it was then that I decided to set up my Facebook account and was fortunate to reconnect with Kus!”

Markus Templer Passed away

The shocking information about Markus Templer Death was given on social media platforms by his friends and colleagues. From there the word spread quickly. The cause of death remains undisclosed at this moment. There is no proper detail available online which confirms the reason behind his death. As we all know that Markus was a physically fit and a young man so what happened all of a sudden that cost his life remains a big question. 

Diana Luu has organized a fundraiser on behalf of Faelyne Templer. She wrote in the description of the Gofundme page  “Markus Templer was many things to many of us. He was the person who was in our corner during a hard day, he was the person we called to really celebrate a win, and he was the person we turned to when we didn’t even know we needed a hug. 

M was larger than life itself yet he never lost sight of one thing that mattered the most which were the people in his life. Markus is so loved because he had the capacity to love so many of us, for which we will all remain eternally grateful.”  At the time of writing this blog $52,853, CAD has been already raised out of the goal of $10,000.


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